Eight or more things you need to know about Grass Fed.

I think it’s eight, I’m having trouble remembering right now for some reason.

1 – The Skype Doctor had a poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger hanging in his office.

To get the proper accreditation in order to use medical cannabis, Mike used Medical Marijuana Services and got hooked up with a doctor who was able to provide a prescription after a lengthy and thorough registration process and a web-cam consultation. That’s right folks, we live in the future.

Not only was the good doctor willing to prescribe – based on documentation from another doctor attesting to Mike’s condition – he was also willing to allow Grass Fed’s filmmaker Ezra to film part of the web-cam session.

Moments before shooting, Mike mentions how happy he is that the doctor has a poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger hanging behind his head. Of course after everybody noticed it, it had to be taken down, just to be on the safe side regarding copyright issues. But I still feel that the public has to know that it was there, and that a couple few medical cannabis patients got to stare at the soothing pecs of Mr. Universe-era Schwarzenegger, while seeking relief from their symptoms. Continue reading

Cheesy Broccoli Soup

As the gorgeous fall we’ve been having begins giving in to the onslaught of Winter we turn to warming soups to beat the cold back just a bit longer. This cheesy broccoli soup’s a good-un, superstar team of  broccoli and cheese are joined by hipster and veg-friendly quinoa for some added heartiness. Meanwhile, upstart nutritional yeast brings a bunch of cheesy flavor so you can use less of your precious cheese. What I’m saying here is this soup will warm you up and make you feel like you’re eating healthy. Is it actually healthy? I have no idea! I’m just a comedy wife, but things like quinoa, broccoli, and nutritional yeast are good for you. So why not? If there’s one thing comedy wives do know about though, it’s cheese. Continue reading

Mike Paterson, world’s premier cat impressionist now on YouTube!


Things get weird in this video recently made for Playboy.com. (Yes that Playboy, the magazine with no more nudes – not to be confused with never nudes.) Mike Paterson, cat impressionist par excellence, takes on the common house cat. Can you tell the difference between a common house cat and Mike Paterson? Watch the video and find out!

Game of Thrones: 6 things people who read the books want you to know

> If you’ve had your head in the sand all last week, then warning, spoilers abound<

It finally happened, Jon Snow is left bleeding on the snow and the show watchers have caught up to the book readers. Now we are all in the same creaky medieval boat, waiting for someone, anyone, be it novelist or show runners, to please just tell us the rest of the story. Continue reading

The Wolf Man of Laval

You meet all sorts of people when you are working as a waitress, while you are trying to get through that one more (or three more) years of University, (at which point you will obviously get  a way better paying job with all of your English degree.) Waitressing puts you in touch with weirdos you might not usually meet – as does being a comedy wife, but that came later. This is a story about one of those weirdos, and what could happen to you if you go to a party in Laval on a Saturday night.

It happened at a party in Laval on a Saturday night. Some time ago, in the awkward years before social media where you actually had to call someone to get directions to the place. It was one of those restaurant parties where it’s a Sunday night and nobody knows anyone real well and for the first ten minutes you wonder why you came all the way out to Laval for this, but then the booze starts rubbing its back against your veins and you get to meet the host’s wolf. Continue reading