Are you Rainy Day People?

When do you call?

a. You always seem to know when it’s time to call.

b. You never call at the right time, your friends always seem to be having dinner.

c. You mostly text.

d. Who knows? You’re as unpredictable as the weather.  

When you do call, do you..

a. not talk, just listen until you’ve heard it all

b. state the reason for your call, make a definite plan and then get off the phone relatively quickly.

c. Talk a person’s ear off about your own problems. (Don’t you know it might be a rainy day where they are too?)

d. Say: Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

Do you mind if I cry a tear or two?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Can we not do this today?

Do you..

a. hide love inside

b. Pass it on

c. Lie when you tell me, that you’ve been down there too.

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