Bad Grammar strikes again!

Bad grammar strikes again!

I’m new at this OK! Geez, three people read my first ever blog post and one of them is a famous comedian. Fine, that’s exciting. But what’s more he sounds angry. That’s ok too but he’s not angry at my stinging wit but at my awful, awful grammar. OK, maybe not mad at my grammar but as a result of my grammar. If it is even him. I remember in high school when chatting was just beginning to be popular and we were warned left and right about creepy men pretending to be women, creepy men pretending to be younger, less creepy men, creepy men openly being creepy men and at some point somebody loses an eye. Or goes to a hotel room they oughtent to. If CSI were made in the nineties there would be so many more plots revolving around lonely young girls chasing after fake internet boyfriends. Well that had me scared, I don’t trust anyone on the internet, not even on facebook. Before I let anyone I know friend me I ask them a question only they would know the answer to. That way I avoid both creepy men and the Imperious curse.

Well creepy man or actual famous comedian or both, my grammar confused him, as well as either a faulty memory or a strange coincidence. I don’t know. But the comedian who did or did not snub me was not the famous comedian in question but an alternative comedian whose commercial is currently playing on all three of my TV channels most of the time. The supposed snub only happened AT the famous comedian’s show. That is why his is the only name I mention.. I also mention his show is funny. I hope that clears things up a little without clearing things up too much. Again, it wasn’t even that much of a snub. Also my horoscope for the week of just for laughs in the Montreal Mirror warned me against taking the snub too seriously..
Rob Brezsny’s Free will astrology for the week of July 19th for Virgo:

“Write the bad things that are done to you in sand,” says an Arab proverb, “but write the good things that happen to you on a piece of marble.” That’s perfect advice for you in the coming days. Why? Because I believe you’ll be cheated or slighted in a way that will have only minor, short-term consequences, whereas on the other hand you’ll be the beneficiary of a loophole or the recipient of a generous blessing that should reverberate for a long time.

See, I should have written that snub in the sand on the beach outside my house… But there is no beach outside my house.. no sand. In the winter there would be snow. Next time a comic snubs me I will write it in the snow and not on my blog. Let’s only hope that the snubs can wait that long.

Hank, who is horrified by all of this, tells me that I should think about the loophole, what’s the loophole? Clearly the loophole my horoscope mentions is that a famous comedian read my blog. I wish that I had used his name in a more delicate manner. Like this perhaps:

After the show I accosted and was subsequently rebuffed by some random comedian who was not Louis CK.

(Of course I would maybe never have known that famous comedians read my blog had I not been negative. So the thing I hate about Johny Depp is…)

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