Can’t be f***ed soup

This soup! So easy, lazy and good. I probably make it more than once a week. There are just so many nights when I can’t be bothered to cook.  I say to my comedy fiancé, how about I just make that soup? And he actually gets excited. Every time! He loves this soup, sometimes he even requests it. I think our running title at home is soup of destiny, but we call a lot of things that. I like it too, even though I usually feel like I really got away with something when I make it. A bit of peeling, throw everything in a pot, and then wait one hour, it couldn’t be easier. Ready? Let’s make soup!

Can’t be effed soup

Peel and chop:

One onion

one carrot

one potato

and one rib celery

Throw everything into a pot along with two cups of lentil (rinsed and washed, obviously) and about 8 cups of water or stock (read: fill the pot with water and throw in a bulion cube.)

sprinkle in some salt and pepper AND, my favorite part:

Leave it alone at about medium for 40 minutes to an hour.

And you have soup!

For an extra zing you can slip in a teaspoon or two of vinegar right at the end, try balsamic, red wine vinegar or even lemon juice.


So that’s it. This soup is possibly the easiest vegetarian soup I’ve ever made, and it comes out thick and full of lentils, almost a stew. It’s really great on cold winter nights or anytime you’re feeling hungry and lazy at the same time. Maybe I should have called it Monday night soup?

Can’t be effed soup was adapted from “The New Laurel’s Kitchen” by Laurel Roberson et al. published 1976 and 1986. Another delightful tome from an earlier time.

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