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Ghost stories

I have been scaring the crap out of myself reading ghost stories online. I love how these things start to crop up around Halloween, just in time to ruin a whole a summer of blissfully ignoring my overactive imagination. I start out reading like a normal person, but I end up squatting awkwardly on the couch, in an effort to thwart any cold grey things that are about to grab my ankles. By the time I’m ready for bed, I can’t turn the lights off. Continue reading

Barney the Dinosaur Terrorizes New York

The people of New York City crowded the sidewalks to see the mighty beast caught. Though already yoked on all sides, the massive purple dinosaur still fought valiantly to be free. Brave captors pulled on their ropes to subdue the lurid monster, working together to rein him in as the beast pulled against them, ripping at the air with his mighty claws. Continue reading

Cat Lexicon

Hi cat-fans and dream-dates!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got cats on your mind for most of your waking hours.

And if you’re especially like me, these persistent cat-thoughts often spill out of your mouth towards anyone within earshot, like so much verbal cat-diarrhea. (No one said this was gonna be clean, folks.)

In order to mentally organize my unique and constant cat observations, I’ve developed my very own Cat Lexicon! Regular words just don’t cut it anymore!

Care to take a look?
Continue reading