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World’s First Virtual Reality Press Conference a Hilarious Disaster

From 1pm to 1:10 pm yesterday afternoon three avatars tried inexpertly to communicate with one another in 4 D, several more wandered the hallways and lobbies of the Riftmax virtual theatre trying to find the right room for the press conference, and at least one became irate. In the real world, a collection of fans and bloggers watched two hapless dudes try to navigate two realities at once. The world’s first virtual reality press conference had begun.

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My favorite CBC Comedy Coup Videos so far (and so can you!)

If you’re anything like me, you spent last night prone on the couch watching as many of the awesome and terrible Canadian video submissions that went live last night on the CBC comedy coup. If you didn’t, no worries! I’ve collected some of my favorite so far so you don’t even have to sludge through all the not so great ones. And some are not so great. One of them is just two guys smashing glasses and porcelain figurines.

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Backstage Bites

(Basically a cheese biscuit crossed with a jalapeno popper. )

This summer’s Just for Laughs festival was amazing! My comedy husband, Mike Paterson, got to host a typically gonzo show on the outdoor stage: Mike Paterson’s Playhouse. Complete with heavy metal comedy music, care of Iron Ladel, and featuring a ridiculous tiger eagle costume, it was basically everything we could have wanted from our summer. Continue reading


Vampires come in many shapes and specialties, while one can take the form of a bat, another can fly, and a special few can be both vampires and werewolves, but only after that pesky moon curse is broken. (And fine, maybe some of them glitter.)

In spite of this endless variety, there are two things that all vampires have in common; they all eat humans and they are all made from humans. How do you make a vampire out of a human? Each type of vampire has a different recipe, but all must transition from human form. As in, “Stephan! What’s happening to her?” Elena cries. “She’s transitioning.” Stephan replies, his chiseled brow darkening ominously. Continue reading

The making-of the Tiger Eagle

We had to wonder what the people in line behind us at Fabricville were thinking when we rang up eight meters of black velour, four meters of tiger-print fleece, and a pair of white feather boas. Were they asking themselves what we could possibly want with all these strange items? Could they be thinking that we were obviously getting ready to create a mystical creature that is half-cat and half-bird for a show that would start in, oh, nine hours? A last minute tiger eagle? Continue reading