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A ComedyWives Field Trip – with bonus neck muscles


It started with brunch, and it ended with a guy being suplexed head-first into a bed of tacks. But first, brunch. The first wives meeting, I made pancakes, potatoes and lots of bacon, plus of course veggie sausages for the veggies. I opened a bottle of engagement champagne to toast the launching of the comedy wives blog and it was glorious.

But wait, the brunch part was mostly a real first meeting of the original comedy wives, Dinah, Sarah, Catherine and I, but it was also in part a handy way to get Dinah out of the house for her surprise party! Being the wife of a terribly thoughtful comedy husband, Dinah was completely clueless of the love and celebration that was about to rain down on her upon returning home. Of course first I had to kick her out of my house. Continue reading

5 inappropriate questions we would ask Chris Hadfield and get kicked out of a book signing

inquiring minds

So the Comedy Wives had their first book club meeting! It was amazing! We ate fruit, we drank coffee, and we talked about space! The book we had chosen was Chris Hadfield’s An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth and even though most of us didn’t quite finish it in time for book club, still we felt that some important questions had not been covered in the book, as far as we had read. If we were to go to a Chris Hadfield book reading, we would be ready with all the unanswered questions that the people on Earth want to know, and we would immediately get asked to leave, obviously.

Chris Hadfield Continue reading