Comedy (and the Humane Society) Saves Puppies!

Mike Paterson is a vegetarian, has been for upwards of twenty years now, and it is super annoying for me. It is not annoying for Mike though, he loves animals and doesn’t really remember what meat tastes like anymore. (Once he accidentally bit into a shrimp when our burritos got mixed up.) Like most unusual features in a person, Mike’s vegetarianism is a big part of his comedy, he has lots of fun jokes about being a vegetarian, being a fat vegetarian, and being peer-pressured to taste a curried goat at a barbeque one time.

Recently, being a vegetarian and loving animals came together in one of those magical nights where amazing people put their minds and talents together and everyone has fun doing it. Mike Paterson organized a Comedy show for the Humane Society to benefit saving puppies from puppy mills. The Thursday night show at Jimbo’s was sold out to the rafters and comedians Stephanie Tolev, Jess Salomon and Tim Rabnett brought the house down along with Mike Paterson headlining and sharing his experiences as an animal lover and vegetarians. It was great, but it didn’t end there.

Every penny of the money raised by this comedy show went to help the Humane Society accomplish one of the biggest raids on a puppy mill in Quebec’s sad history of animal cruelty this past Friday. More than 200 puppies were saved from deplorable conditions in the Estrie region of Quebec.

It is a good day for comedy and for animals. The comedians on the show, and every comedian who has ever done a  show for charity (which is pretty much all of them) should feel like heroes. Good work folks!

I should also add, please rescue your pets from shelters guys! Be a hero. Don’t purchase animals where they might be sourced from these deplorable puppy mills! Let’s be responsible about this. The cruelty can stop if people stop contributing their dollars to the system that makes it possible.

If you are interested in donating or becoming involved in this cause, check out the Humane Society International Canada. 

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