A ComedyWives Field Trip – with bonus neck muscles


It started with brunch, and it ended with a guy being suplexed head-first into a bed of tacks. But first, brunch. The first wives meeting, I made pancakes, potatoes and lots of bacon, plus of course veggie sausages for the veggies. I opened a bottle of engagement champagne to toast the launching of the comedy wives blog and it was glorious.

But wait, the brunch part was mostly a real first meeting of the original comedy wives, Dinah, Sarah, Catherine and I, but it was also in part a handy way to get Dinah out of the house for her surprise party! Being the wife of a terribly thoughtful comedy husband, Dinah was completely clueless of the love and celebration that was about to rain down on her upon returning home. Of course first I had to kick her out of my house.

Catherine and I had an elaborate reason planned for having to cut the brunch short, that night was the BATTLEWAR wrestling show, at which Mike was performing and for which Catherine has been making amazing posters for months. One of the strange story lines of this indie professional wrestling syndicate was that Big Bad Quentin, having stolen Giant Tiger’s BBQ and then beaten him in a contest over it, had now taken Giant Tiger as his slave. So Catherine thought it would be hilarious to make signs that said “Abolish Slavery” and “Tigers are people too!”

Tigers are people too
Photo by Jess Fildes


That was our cover story, we really had to get to Catherine’s house to make the signs and help Mike get ready for the show. But if there’s anything I know about a good lie, it’s the less information you give the better so what I ended up saying was “Sorry I didn’t mention this earlier but Catherine and I have to leave in about twenty minutes to make this thing for a wrestling show tonight.”

Dinah didn’t even question it, she told me after that she was a bit bummed, being kicked out just as we were starting to have a good time, but that of course Catherine and I would have to go make some stupid thing for a wrestling show that Mike was in that night. That made perfect sense. That’s just how our lives are.

So we hustled Dinah out of the house and she headed home, where she found her friends and family waiting for her, and her husband and kiddies dressed up as firemen. It was really cute and sweet. I didn’t even mind missing the surprise.

Fireman Party!

Catherine and I got to the party a bit later and it was really great to see everyone, and the cake was a treat for the eye and the mouth. Plus the kiddies! So many cute little ones running around making me feel like I’ve wasted my life and should be procreating right now.

Party like a fireman!

Why, you might ask, would Dinah’s comedy husband throw her a fireman party? Well let me tell you, Dinah, unlike any other woman in existence, thinks firemen are sexy. In fact, she once asked her husband if they could have an open marriage so that she could sleep with a sexy fireman whom she had met while he was collecting donations for burn victims at the Cavendish Mall IGA. He said no. (The comedy husband, I imagine the fireman would have been down.) But he did throw her this party.

Things were just starting to wind down when we had to leave again. Usually Mike and I close down the party, but there really was a wrestling show that night and Mike had to be there for the pre-show meeting.

On the way to the BATTLEWAR show Walter warned me that even though, unlike Cat Raz, I don’t typically love wrestling, this show was going to be awesome. He was right! Lucky for you, I wrote a blog post about it! There’s photos!

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