My favorite CBC Comedy Coup Videos so far (and so can you!)

If you’re anything like me, you spent last night prone on the couch watching as many of the awesome and terrible Canadian video submissions that went live last night on the CBC comedy coup. If you didn’t, no worries! I’ve collected some of my favorite so far so you don’t even have to sludge through all the not so great ones. And some are not so great. One of them is just two guys smashing glasses and porcelain figurines.

Don’t get me wrong, I love every single one of them, even the bad ones. I loved watching people from all over Canada come together and make videos. And if some of them are hard to watch, or just missed the point, I get it! It’s not easy to work with people on this kind of stuff, under a tight deadline.

Here are the ones that really made me laugh. You’ll have to click on the links, the website hasn’t made the videos available to embed on outside sites. Sorry about that.

Here goes!


So as I’ve mentioned before, my sense of humor runs to the un-evolved.  (isn’t it fun that I also attempt to write a comedy blog?) So, obviously, this one made me laugh out loud.

Yeah, I’m a simple person. I also love the accents! One of the best parts of watching these short films is all the approximations of various Canadian accents.

Graham Clark: Wilderness Man

This little sketch is amazing. Just absurd. We watched it a couple of times.

We See Thee Rise

This cool zombie trailer features the best name of the bunch, and one of the most amazing Canadian jokes I’ve ever seen!

We see thee rise?! COME ON!

Bad Records

Full disclosure: I have a horse in this race. When my comedy husband Mike Paterson started working with Paul Spence and Darren Curtis, I was excited and star struck. Paul Spence is best known for creating and starring in Fubar, THE most amazing film to ever come out of Calgary, where I am from. And really, one of the best movies ever. The Fubar movie was such a huge inspiration for me back when it came out and I was still in high school. (Please don’t tell Paul I feel this way about his movie, I’m trying to be cool around him.)

Darren, on the other hand, is best known for creating and starring in Who is KK Downey? a movie that really inspired me after I had moved to Montreal. It was written for, by, and about Montreal hipsters and starring a lot of my friends. If you haven’t seen this and you live in Montreal, you really should. It’s just amazing. (Please don’t tell Darren that I feel this way about his movie, I’m trying to be cool around him.)

I’d really love to see these three guys work together on a project and so should you. Vote for them please ok?

Bear Man

What’s that? The Comedy Wives have two horses in this race? Oh yeah! That’s right. This little piece of genius comes to you from Walter Lyng (fiance of the lovely Catherine) the bear-like Leighland Beckman, and sound-genious Stephen Trepanier. Bear Man.

Dope Ass World

Here’s another Montreal entry that just made us laugh out loud. Oh my god guys, good job!

Geoff and the Ninja

This one’s kind of stupid, but boy did we laugh. Ok, whatever, it’s funny.

Bike Cops

So great. It’s short. There’s just one joke, and it’s a good one.

The Stuff of Things

Alright, this one is stupid. But I appreciate the lampooning of a CBC television show. I appreciate that very much.

The Crimson Wave

I should probably add a disclaimer here: this one might only be fun for the ladies, or men who aren’t afraid of period jokes. I mean, it’s called The Crimson Wave! So obviously, I’m all in.

And Faisel Butt’s in it! Hi Faisel!

Infinite Possibilities

This one looks like it could be  super fun if they got the budget to match their imaginations!

There’s more I liked, more that looked really promising and fun, and some that were so bad that they were… bad, ok just bad. But I have to stop or I’ll never get this done.  What were your favorites?

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