Should I Go to the Show Tonight?

There are times when a comedy wife is super enthusiastic about supporting her comedy husband’s comedy stuff, and other times when she just wants to stay at home and burn her eyeballs out with her good friends HBO and Netflix. I’m waffling about whether or not to go to the show tonight and I’ve decided to tell you all about it because, well, I’ve got to write about something right?

Should I go to the Stand up Tuesdays show tonight?

Who doesn’t like lists? Here are a list of reasons for and against attending the fun comedy show I help my comedy husband put on every week (except when there is playoff  hockey.)

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YES! Because Friends!

It’s nice to get out of the house and see your friends. My friends that work at Jimbo’s, my friends that are comedians who come to do our show, and my friends who pop by to watch the show sometimes. It’s a chance to meet new friends and gossip with old friends. With comedian friends you really only see them if they’re doing a show, so I get to catch up on who’s dating who and who’s doing what awesome thing that everyone else is outwardly supportive of but just burning up with jealousy over.

party anima

YES! It’s a chance to drink on a Tuesday.

We’ve gotten through the interminable hell that is Monday, and come out somehow at the other end of Tuesday night. Let’s not mince around the issue here, I’m pretty much ready to have an excuse to enjoy a few delicious cocktails, expertly poured by Carla and Stephanie at Jimbo’s. And sure, you might not feel the same way, I know I’m implying here that you, reader, enjoy the ol’ glug a lug, and I am, but I also ask you to consider my unique position: my comedy husband works on weekends making people laugh and whatever.  If I want to get my party on during those times when other people do, I’m either third-wheeling it with my couple friends, or straight up drinking alone. Tuesday, however, is more often a day off for comedians, so we get to drink together, at the same time.

alcoholic dreams

NO! It’s a good excuse to drink on a Tuesday

So much fun you guys, you’re having some laughs, you’re seeing your friends, you’re enjoying some well-deserved alcoholic beverages, what a good time! Unfortunately, if you enjoy more than you ought (TWO drinks is all the doctors tell us we should be drinking as women per night, I mean, come on!) you’re royally screwing yourself for Wednesday, or, if you suffer from the two-day hangover like I do, for the rest of the week. Think before you dink yourself out of a functioning work week is what I always say. (I’ve never said that.)

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YES! Let’s laugh at some comedy jokes!

It’s telling that this consideration comes last.

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