The Lost Just For Laughs Gags

Deep in the rubble that was once the Musée Juste Pour Rire, construction crews have uncovered a treasure trove for fans of JFL Gags. The discovery of several boxes of scripts describing gags that never made it on the television show has sparked interest from the prank show community. Questions are swirling around what has now become an archeological dig. How did these scripts get buried under the old Musée? Who is going to curate this collection of clown history? Who even cares?

To appease your curiosity, we have collected some of the best Just For Laughs Gags that never made it past the cutting room floor:


“Cheech and Charbonneau”

We dress an actor up as a police officer. We have him smoke a huge actual spliff.  He gives people tickets while smoking away. We capture his victims’ hilarious reactions.


 “Look who’s pooping now”

An actress holding a baby has to convince a random woman to take over breastfeeding the baby, using only mime signals. Once the woman has agreed to this and the baby has latched on, the actress walks away, never to return. We film the hilarious reactions of people judging the woman for breastfeeding in public.


“Crash Course”

We straight up drive into some dude’s living room. Capture his and his family’s hilarious reactions.

Photo source: Tom Via Flickr

“Double Trouble”

We go to a busy mall to find our mark. After we have found our mark, we scour the planet to find our mark’s exact doppelganger. (It is a scientific certainty that everyone has one.) We dress the doppelganger in the same clothes that the mark is wearing. We get the mark’s friends to talk only to the doppelganger, pretending that the mark no longer exists. We keep the gag going until the mark starts to question his or her own existence and reality. We film his or her hilarious reactions.

– Alternate: Separate twins at birth. Let our mark grow into adulthood with a nagging sense that something is missing. Continue as above.

sink hole 2

“Just Another Monday”

We hire actors to drive heavy machinery up and down St. Catherine until a giant sinkhole opens up in the ground and swallows a large construction machine. We capture the hilarious reactions of people trying to get to work.

“Bleu Blanc et Broke”

We charge $20 for a beer at the Bell Centre. We capture sports fans’ hilarious reactions.

laughing crowd

“Nightmare on Rue St. Denis”

We kidnap some schlub from his bed when he is sleeping, using the old standby: a chloroform-soaked napkin. Come morning, we drive him to his old high school and put him in front of a room full of students, after first having stripped him down to his underwear. We put some nonsense cue cards in his hands and wake him up.

“Did I do that?”

We hide an actor in the bushes in Parc Lafontaine. Have him pop out from time to time and randomly punch some guy in the face. We capture the guy’s hilarious reactions.

photo source: Barrybar via flickr

“Silent but Hilarious”

We hire an actor to fart repeatedly on the metro. We capture the fellow passengers’ hilarious reactions.

Photo source: Mike Licht via Flickr

“Comedy of Air-rors”

We hire a mime to attempt to get through the American security and customs at the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport. Although there is no bomb in his bag, the mime will mime a joke about there being a bomb in his bag. We capture security’s hilarious reactions.



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