The making-of the Tiger Eagle

We had to wonder what the people in line behind us at Fabricville were thinking when we rang up eight meters of black velour, four meters of tiger-print fleece, and a pair of white feather boas. Were they asking themselves what we could possibly want with all these strange items? Could they be thinking that we were obviously getting ready to create a mystical creature that is half-cat and half-bird for a show that would start in, oh, nine hours? A last minute tiger eagle?


Maybe if I had added “Make a Tiger Eagle costume” to my how to get ready for the Just For Laughs Festival list, Dinah and I might not have been in such a pickle the day of the first Mike Paterson’s Playhouse show.  The show was that night and we had nothing to show for all the time we had had to prepare.

OK that’s not entirely true. Dinah, after receiving the request from Mike Paterson to create a tiger eagle costume, along with drawings for what he was thinking…

tiger eagle idea

got to work on an amazing a magnito-style helmet, following these specifications: tiger eagle idea 2The problem was we never got around to working out the fit of the helmet, or doing anything further about the tiger eagle costume. That is until I sent Dinah a text the night before the show wondering, in a not at all panicked way, whether she had time to do some last minute magic with me?

Was she? Let me tell you, I have the BEST friends! Who on earth would drop everything and try to make something that is half tiger, half eagle, and 100% man in just a few hours? The comedy wives!!!


Dinah should win an award for best comedy wife and best friend. I mean, she already basically wins best comedy wife, have you seen her Habs stuffed boyfriends? I mean. But also I’m just so thankful to have a good friend like her to help with even my most ridiculous emergencies, like my comedy husband having to perform the song Tiger Eagle at a Just For Laughs outdoor show with his heavy metal band Iron Ladel, without a tiger eagle costume. Imagine?


So after a hurried conference, we went to the fabric store and found a pattern for an extra-large adult cape. I think we have the popularity of HBO’s Game of Thrones to thank for the fact that Fabricville even carries a pattern for an extra-large adult cape, but whatever, I’ll take it. We got our lengths of ridiculous fabric. (Ever wonder what eight meters of black velour looks like?


That’s what.) We figured out the pattern, and carefully cut out the shapes.

photo 3

Dinah was way better at this part than me. She was way better at all  the parts than me, but what are you gonna do? My shapes consistently didn’t match up with the other shapes and I kept forgetting to cut out the triangle parts to match up with the other parts. It was a good thing we got an easy pattern or it would have been a disaster!


Then the sewing, so much sewing! Everything moving along in a calm and orderly manner, with no panic, no cutting corners, no running out quickly to get groceries and kids, no hectic, and above all no clowning around or poking fun at our very serious and respected comedy husbands.


Just calm and serene putting together of the best last-minute tiger eagle costume in the world!!

tiger eagle




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