Montreal Comedy Year in Review 2013: Abdul Butt is on our Televisions!

I love the trailing end of December for remembering the year that was. So many things happened, big and small. In Montreal comedy lots happened, but for me one of the biggest and coolest events of 2013 was when Montreal comedian Abdul Butt moved to Halifax to take a job appearing on our televisions as a correspondent for This Hour Has 22 Minutes!

As a Canadian I have always been a fan of the show that gave us Talking to Americans, Marg, Princess Warrior, the Rick Mercer rants, and a bunch of obscure East Coast jokes that I never got growing up in the prairies.  As a fan of the show, I’ve noticed that over the series’ twenty years on air, they have not added all that many new on-screen personalities to their ranks, so I find is especially amazing that our favorite Montreal rascal can now be seen interviewing people big and small all over our great country!


How much fun is Abdul Butt having working on 22 Minutes? Lots actually. Home for the holidays, we had him come by our Stand up Tuesdays show and I asked him if he was having the greatest time ever. Of course he’s having an amazing, inspiring, crazy busy time! Have you seen the videos? How can this not be fun?

I love this video, as an occasional germaphobe, dating a germaphobe, and frequently seen kissing acquaintances on both cheeks at the height of flu season, lately I’ve been thinking about this video a lot and smiling. Sometimes when I have a cold I try to avoid shaking hands with people, or going in for the double kiss, but I find that the awkwardness and hurt feelings that ensue are generally not worth saving people the trouble of catching my bug. We are strange folk that social conventions are stronger than self-preservation, but when you think about it, that is probably not a bad thing. Anyway, I think this bit is hilarious and really fun. It makes me feel happy to be a Canadian and surrounded by such wonderful characters.

Don’t miss Abdul Butt on your televisions folks! The clips he’s doing are super funny and super smart, if you haven’t seen the video where he interviews André Drouin of Hérouxville about his original charter of values, take five minutes and do it now. You won’t believe how crazy it is. When he presents him with a certificate of intolerance, I died. 22 Minutes will be back in the new year, Tuesdays at 8:30.


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