Montreal Comedy Year in Review 2013: Stand Up Tuesdays

Technically the show had already been going for a while under a different name, 5 Dollar Tuesdays, but 2013 was the year that Mike and his cute girlfriend Monika started their own Tuesday night show together at the Comedy Works.

Tuesdays at the Comedy Works have not been the same since, you never know what’s going to happen, when you walk in you might see a knot of big speakers on stage so that Mike’s heavy metal band Iron Ladel can perform a few songs, there might be a big plate of pretzels and sauerkraut for an Oktoberfest show, or in the back corner you might find a large cake-like object hiding a small man, waiting patiently to attack local indie wrestler The Green Phantom for his birthday show.

Phantom Party
There’s a man in that cake!

When you come to Stand Up Tuesdays you are almost guaranteed to find a warm welcome and a fun atmosphere. The show’s the thing, we’ve got Mike Paterson’s mad energy and creativity and a group of comics ranging from the new and experimental to the experienced and grumpy, we’ve got brand new jokes every week and Mike’s funny and ridiculously long introductions for every next comedian on the bill, we’ve got good friends all around from the bartenders serving you drinks to the comics mercilessly poking fun of Mike or maybe joining him in a song or a skit. Basically, we’ve got the recipe for a real fun Tuesday night.

Cat Raz and Monika as Mike
Mike Paterson costume contest

This year we had some of my very favorite shows. Super Gay Tuesday was a ton of fun, we were able to raise money for the Gay Line, a CAEO Quebec initiative and just have a great time. The plan was to have all LGBT comedians, so when we got a call that day of from a Toronto comic wondering if she could get on, Mike got to respond with ‘if you’re LGB or T you can come on my show brother.’ And she was!

mike p bingo

Another one of my favorite shows was Mike P Bingo. This show was Tim Rabnett’s idea, he and I came up with a few typical things Mike might say in a night and had them printed on bingo cards that we secretly handed out. It took Mike a while to figure out what was happening and why everyone was listening to him so closely and then writing something down.

So what are you waiting for? Come visit us on a Tuesday already. It’s fun, it’s cheap, and it’s funny. What else are you really doing with your life?

Happy New Year!


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