How to pack for a winter beach getaway!

Winter has really been kicking the crap out of me lately! Between the cold, the colds, the dryness, and the general malaise, I’ve not been handling the colder months so well. I have a new plan people, and it’s expensive! Turns out, like so many other things in life, this is a problem that you can throw money at!  I’ve discovered a new thing, for a measly thousands of dollars, you can go lay on a beach and drink all day somewhere tropical right in the heart of wintertime!  Did you know this was a thing? There’s all kinds of white sandy beaches with giant hotels perched on them where you can go drink your face off and swim in blue blue ocean to your hearts content. All you need is a credit card!

The snowbirds have the right idea. You know what is great for SAD? Getting the hell out of dodge and blasting your skin with way too much sun for a week. Lucky for you, after two amazing sun destination trips I have become an expert on what to pack for these adventures. Here is what you need to bring:

on a boat

Things you might not think of but should definitely throw in your suitcase.

* Travel mugs. Some resorts serve their drinks in these tiny little plastic containers that are bad for the environment and make for way too many trips to the bar. Most resorts will also be happy to fill your travel mug with drinks instead, so that you can get back to the beach and stay there. Travel mugs will also keep your drinks cool in the glorious hot sun.

Dirty Banana

* A small spray can with Kirsch, Vodka or any other strong liquor. This is perfect for spraying on bug bites to make them stop itching. Apparently Vodka or any strong liquor can help ease the pain of jellyfish stings too, as well as having a ton of other uses.

* A lightweight candle and candleholder.  If you happen to be staying in a room with a balcony, you might want to sit out on it after dark sometimes. If you do, wouldn’t you like to have a candle for soft mood lighting, and to help keep the bugs away? Bonus points if you bring a citronella candle. (If you don’t have a candleholder, an empty beer bottle will do the trick!)

* A bottle opener. I always just bring a swiss army knife which can open anything from a tin can to a bottle of wine to, probably, a lock. Point is, you never know when you’re going to need to open a bottle of wine on vacation.

* A frisbee and a waboba. I like playing games when I’m in the water. A waboba is a ball that bounces on water and it’s especially fun to bounce off the waves in the ocean.

* A deck of cards. Even if you’re just going with your partner, a deck of cards is a great way to make new friends.

* 1 pair of light long pants. For sitting out on the balcony by candlelight playing cards and listening to the waves rolling along the beach. Bugs can’t bite your legs if you are wearing pants!

* A bikini, remember, there’s always going to be someone older and fatter than you on the beach, so you might as well flaunt it.


Things you really should not forget

* More sunscreen than you think you will need. Remember while you might not even use a half a tube of sun lotion over a whole Canadian summer, the Sun is a totally different animal down South. Bring more!

* A sun hat. Protect your face from the sun! You’re going to thank yourself later!

sun hat

* Lots of aloe vera. You know you’re going to get a sunburn, come prepared.

 * An umbrella. Ideally this will sit in your suitcase and never be opened, but you know if you don’t bring it it’s probably going to rain.

* Lots of light cover ups, shawls, scarves, light button-down shirts and things. You don’t want to end up wearing the same light shirt all week as you try to hide your soft pink skin from the sun, or hide your bright red sunburn from judging eyes at dinner.

* Bug Spray. Jiminy Cricket! Don’t leave this stuff at home, when the sun goes down, spritz!

* Anti-itch lotion. Calamine lotion or medicated anti-itch lotion will keep you sane after the bug-attack.

 * Two pairs of sandals. You’re going to be wearing your flip flops a lot, with wet, sandy feet. After the third day you might get a blister between your big toe and your other toes. Won’t you be glad that you brought an alternate pair of sandals?


That’s it, so far. Let me know if I’ve forgotten anything in the comments. Since, after just two trips, I might not be the expert I’m claiming to be!

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