The unapologetically biased guide to Just For Laughs and Zoofest

It’s here and it’s big. The Just For Laughs festival is to comedy lovers what crack is to Rob Ford: something we have a totally reasonable and not at all out-of-control relationship with. This year the stars are huge! Don Rickles! Seth Rogan! Nick Offerman! Broad City! And More! But I’m not going to talk about any of that!

Nope, I’m here to tell you about what my comedy fiance and my good friends are doing at the festival, and then I’m going to put my head under a soft blanket in a cool room, because I’ve already been hungover for a week. (The French side, Juste Pour Rire, starts earlier, and it’s just as much fun!)



First of all, don’t miss Mike Paterson’s Playhouse at the Loto Quebec outdoor stage at Place des Arts . You probably can’t miss it, since the heavy metal music can be heard across the outdoor festivities. There are three shows left : Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 10 pm! It’s gonna be fun!


Next, let’s talk about the Kings of Comedy and The Queens of Comedy shows at Zoofest. There are three more of each show and if you can, why not come watch both the kings and the queens? You might even see a familiar face making a cameo appearance. The shows are at Lachapelle theatre, which is located on St Dominique.

July 28  Kings:   20:30, Queens : 22:00

July 26 Kings: 19:00, Queens:  20:30

August 1  Kings: 22: 00, Queens : 23:30

If you’re interested in seeing a balls to the wall nuts show, go see the Mont Royal Rumble, where seasoned pros face down against up and comers and alcohol is involved somehow. Sunday July 27, Tuesday July 29th and Thursday the 31st 7pm at Katacombes.

You should always go see the Homegrown show, Thursday July 24th at 7pm at L’Astral, but this year you’ll be able to see some familiar (funny) faces including Steph Tolev, Amanda Brooke Perrin, Nick Carter and Montreal hero, Morgan O’Shea.

Finally, don’t miss Stand up Strip Down with Dianne Smith and you never know who is going to show up, and go see The Nasty Show, Derek Seguin is on it this year!


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