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A ComedyWives Field Trip – with bonus neck muscles


It started with brunch, and it ended with a guy being suplexed head-first into a bed of tacks. But first, brunch. The first wives meeting, I made pancakes, potatoes and lots of bacon, plus of course veggie sausages for the veggies. I opened a bottle of engagement champagne to toast the launching of the comedy wives blog and it was glorious.

But wait, the brunch part was mostly a real first meeting of the original comedy wives, Dinah, Sarah, Catherine and I, but it was also in part a handy way to get Dinah out of the house for her surprise party! Being the wife of a terribly thoughtful comedy husband, Dinah was completely clueless of the love and celebration that was about to rain down on her upon returning home. Of course first I had to kick her out of my house. Continue reading