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CAT WEEK: separate apartments


I have a love-hate relationship with my cats; Skeletor and Casey Jones. I love falling asleep cuddling with a kitty, but I hate waking up before the sunrise to kitten paws punching me in the face. I love always having 2 adorable bundles of purring fur to watch tv with me, but I hate that no matter how often I sweep, there’s always litter all over my apartment floor.

Some days, I wish I were to suddenly develop cat allergies so that I would, sadly, be forced to send them to live elsewhere. Some days, I wish I had more cats so that I could bury myself under a mountain of cats and live happily ever after.

If a sudden windfall of cash were to fall in my lap, I would not buy myself a vintage pink cadillac or take a trip to Thailand. Nope. I would rent the apartment directly across the hall from mine so that my cats can have a place of their very own. Their very own catpartment. Continue reading