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Goodbye Jimbo’s, thanks for all the shots

Late on my very first night in Montreal, I poured myself into a dark pub called Jimbo’s. After enjoying a good strong drink at the window, nature called. For the first time in what would turn out to be thousands more, I stumbled up a set of rickety stairs to the bathroom. At the top of the steps, what should I see, through a small window in a brown door, but a real live comedy show happening at that very moment!

I saw a funny-looking dude, framed by a lonely yellow spotlight in front of a classic (fake) brick wall, and a whole audience I never would have imagined were all just upstairs this whole time, laughing their fool heads off! It was like the grown-up version of the Secret Garden, a random magic room appearing at the end of an unremarkable set of stairs, just for me. I knew then that despite the huge fight I had had with my best friend that night, and how completely lost I was at that very moment, this city would be just fine, and that I would come back to the comedy works. Continue reading