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Backstage Bites

(Basically a cheese biscuit crossed with a jalapeno popper. )

This summer’s Just for Laughs festival was amazing! My comedy husband, Mike Paterson, got to host a typically gonzo show on the outdoor stage: Mike Paterson’s Playhouse. Complete with heavy metal comedy music, care of Iron Ladel, and featuring a ridiculous tiger eagle costume, it was basically everything we could have wanted from our summer. Continue reading

How to Get Ready for the Just For Laughs Festival, a Comedy Wives guide

One of the biggest and most exciting comedy festivals in the world is upon us. For comedy wives, comedy fans, comedy girlfriends, and local comedians, this is an exciting time of year. You may get the chance of being reduced to a quivering pile of goo when faced with your idols, several opportunities to be ignored by your friends, the possibility of ducking out of a party early only to realize that it is already well past sunrise, and finally, the pleasure of eating every meal from an overpriced but delicious food truck. This festival has something for everyone. Continue reading

The Lost Just For Laughs Gags

Deep in the rubble that was once the Musée Juste Pour Rire, construction crews have uncovered a treasure trove for fans of JFL Gags. The discovery of several boxes of scripts describing gags that never made it on the television show has sparked interest from the prank show community. Questions are swirling around what has now become an archeological dig. How did these scripts get buried under the old Musée? Who is going to curate this collection of clown history? Who even cares?

To appease your curiosity, we have collected some of the best Just For Laughs Gags that never made it past the cutting room floor: Continue reading

Just For Laughs 2013: The Three-Pie Night

It felt very illicit to be walking through the Just For Laughs festival with a bag of pies. Luckily I had an artist pass so I didn’t have to explain to the nice volunteer at the entrance why I was bringing three fruit pies and a roll of paper towels into the festival. Although I guess she wouldn’t have questioned it, I imagine they’re looking more for pointy-glassy-hurty things.

It is a testament to how weird the JFL festival is that nobody looked twice at Mike’s ultimate warrior face-paint as we made our way through the crowd to the outdoor stage. The show is called 8 Smiles, it’s a comedy-battle (as opposed to rap-battle) contest where comedians compete with jokes for the right to wear the championship belt for about fifteen minutes, and then give it back – they only bought one belt.

Mike Paterson is no stranger to championship belts, as a rabid wrestling fan with a lifetime of involvement in the independent wrestling scene in Montreal Mike is used to coveting the belt. In fact I’m starting to think it may have been ill-advised to throw Mike into a competition that involved a championship belt. It might have caused a bit of testosterone-fueled mania in the self-proclaimed most electrifying entertainer of his generation. The proof is walking right next to me in full wrestling regalia, boots, tights, mesh shirt, and face paint.

Continue reading