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Mike Paterson, world’s premier cat impressionist now on YouTube!


Things get weird in this video recently made for Playboy.com. (Yes that Playboy, the magazine with no more nudes – not to be confused with never nudes.) Mike Paterson, cat impressionist par excellence, takes on the common house cat. Can you tell the difference between a common house cat and Mike Paterson? Watch the video and find out!

Leave it to the professionals: the diva cup joke

Flowers that look like vaginas

‘Leave it to the professionals’ is a place for us to talk about jokes. Sometimes we write a joke on purpose and our comedy husbands don’t use it, sometimes a joke falls out of our mouths and they do use it, and other times something weird or humiliating happens and it turns into a thing that gets talked about on stage. We might also occasionally talk about jokes that didn’t originate from our embarrassing incidents , and that’s fine too. Today I’m going to talk about my vagina.

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Montreal Comedy Year in Review 2013: Stand Up Tuesdays

Technically the show had already been going for a while under a different name, 5 Dollar Tuesdays, but 2013 was the year that Mike and his cute girlfriend Monika started their own Tuesday night show together at the Comedy Works.

Tuesdays at the Comedy Works have not been the same since, you never know what’s going to happen, when you walk in you might see a knot of big speakers on stage so that Mike’s heavy metal band Iron Ladel can perform a few songs, there might be a big plate of pretzels and sauerkraut for an Oktoberfest show, or in the back corner you might find a large cake-like object hiding a small man, waiting patiently to attack local indie wrestler The Green Phantom for his birthday show. Continue reading