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My New Year’s Resolutions for Christmas 2014

You’d think that by now there’d be some things about Christmas preparations that I’d have down. Me the long time Mom, Santa’s helper and list maker. But another Christmas has come and gone, and again I found myself running around, stressed, wrapping presents at one am after a few too many “hard” eggnogs.

So this New Year’s I’m writing myself a letter, to be opened November 15, 2014. Next Christmas I will heed my own warnings (I hope). Continue reading

We are Worriers

“Coming as I do from a long line of worriers, I have some experience with stress and anxiety.” I was saying. Bellying up to the bar late New Years Eve, a misunderstanding made me realize that only a sound’s breadth stands between worriers and warriors.

“Have you ever seen that movie? Warriors?” Asked the gentleman a few seats down, obviously not listening to me but happy to have a chance to talk again, excitedly “It’s really good! I can lend the video to you if you want, I can bring it here for you to pick up, as long as you promise to give it back when you’re done…”

And I thought, how quaint, this attachment to the old media, when anything worth watching or reading is just a click or a button away from the comfort of my own couch.

But also how close those two words are, worriers and warriors. Continue reading