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The very best Borscht recipe – Erika’s Oma’s Borscht!

A soft blanket of snow has transformed Montreal into a winter wonderland, if wonderland is a place where driving is a nightmare and my boots are ruined by slush as the unfamiliar ice mess causes me to twist my ankle in the year’s first spectacular fall. In any case it’s winter now so it’s definitely time for BORSCHT! That’s right people, we’re talking root vegetables, we’re talking warming stews, we’re talking about shitting pink for a week. It’s BORSCHT time!

Borscht is an easy to make, satisfying stew. It’s also a treat for your general well-being when you’ve been indulging too much over the holidays. I’m not a science-nutritionist, so I don’t know why, I just know it makes you feel better.

You’ll get my very basic borscht, and as an extra special treat, the lovely Erika from Strong Worthy Beautiful has agreed to share her Oma’s famous borscht recipe! I’ve had the pleasure and can attest that it’s a stunning borscht. I have been begging her for the recipe for months! So hold on to your ladles people and let’s make some BORSCHT!
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