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5 Inconvenient things I learned on the Internet this week.

Gawd but the Internet seems to be full of advice these days. If you’re not sick you need to be spending your time worried about getting sick, while eating only superfoods regardless of the seasonal availability of fruits or how darn annoying it is to peal a pomegranate, (bright red stains on everything anyone?) If you’re not worried about getting sick, can I interest you in worrying about how your favorite fictional characters are doing?

I know it’s mostly my own fault. Facebook probably already knows that I’m a bit of a worrier, and I imagine that the more of these things I click on, the more I’m going to be inundated with, but still. Make. It. Stop.

This week the Internet was full of helpful tidbits that I’d rather not think about. Here are five terribly inconvenient things I learned this week:

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