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Vampires come in many shapes and specialties, while one can take the form of a bat, another can fly, and a special few can be both vampires and werewolves, but only after that pesky moon curse is broken. (And fine, maybe some of them glitter.)

In spite of this endless variety, there are two things that all vampires have in common; they all eat humans and they are all made from humans. How do you make a vampire out of a human? Each type of vampire has a different recipe, but all must transition from human form. As in, “Stephan! What’s happening to her?” Elena cries. “She’s transitioning.” Stephan replies, his chiseled brow darkening ominously. Continue reading

Where reading about vampires will get you

Sometimes on a blue summer night a girl standing on a garage roof in the Alberta prairies can have her wish come true. Did you ever, when you were, say, fourteen, wish for something so hard and then a star sparkles in the distance and you just know you’ve rearranged the universe with your earnest yearning? What I wanted was that vampires were real and that the vampire Lestat would come take me away. Would you believe that it happened?

Turns out vampires are real, and there are plenty of them in Montreal. They are otherwise known as comedians, outrageously dressed creatures of the night who take their life-force from hapless civilians. Watching from the fringes of society, they mock and mimic our ways. But do not fear, a comedian must always be be invited in.

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