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Comedy (and the Humane Society) Saves Puppies!

Mike Paterson is a vegetarian, has been for upwards of twenty years now, and it is super annoying for me. It is not annoying for Mike though, he loves animals and doesn’t really remember what meat tastes like anymore. (Once he accidentally bit into a shrimp when our burritos got mixed up.) Like most unusual features in a person, Mike’s vegetarianism is a big part of his comedy, he has lots of fun jokes about being a vegetarian, being a fat vegetarian, and being peer-pressured to taste a curried goat at a barbeque one time.

Recently, being a vegetarian and loving animals came together in one of those magical nights where amazing people put their minds and talents together and everyone has fun doing it. Mike Paterson organized a Comedy show for the Humane Society to benefit saving puppies from puppy mills. The Thursday night show at Jimbo’s was sold out to the rafters and comedians Stephanie Tolev, Jess Salomon and Tim Rabnett brought the house down along with Mike Paterson headlining and sharing his experiences as an animal lover and vegetarians. It was great, but it didn’t end there. Continue reading

5 Inconvenient things I learned on the Internet this week.

Gawd but the Internet seems to be full of advice these days. If you’re not sick you need to be spending your time worried about getting sick, while eating only superfoods regardless of the seasonal availability of fruits or how darn annoying it is to peal a pomegranate, (bright red stains on everything anyone?) If you’re not worried about getting sick, can I interest you in worrying about how your favorite fictional characters are doing?

I know it’s mostly my own fault. Facebook probably already knows that I’m a bit of a worrier, and I imagine that the more of these things I click on, the more I’m going to be inundated with, but still. Make. It. Stop.

This week the Internet was full of helpful tidbits that I’d rather not think about. Here are five terribly inconvenient things I learned this week:

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