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Cat Raz’ Guide to Wedding Weightloss – Part 3

Today, I’m feeling pretty great about my body. Maybe its because of my diet and exercise regime. Maybe its because in a recent bout of stomach flu, I expelled an insane amount of bodily fluids and had zero desire for food for 2 days. I guess we’ll never know. Most likely I’m feeling pretty great about my body because I was sick and now I am better. Being sick forced me to listen to my body. And I intend to keep on doing that well past my wedding day.

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Cat Raz’ Guide to Wedding Weightloss – Part 2

The Holidays are upon us. And even for the dedicated of fitness enthusiasts, keeping the weight down at this time of year can be filled with obstacles. Baked treats are everywhere. The Comedy Wives recipe for Candy Cane Fudge has found its way into your life. And people everywhere are busting out their elastic waist pants in preparation for a series of massive festive meals. If you want to stay on the road to fitting into the wedding dress of your dreams, you are going to need a little help. Which brings us to rule #2.

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