Top unspecified number of reasons to see Comedy on Valentine’s Day

Reason number 1 : Valentine’s and Comedy Shows go together like Winter and Cuddling

I never really got Valentine’s day, not when it was a sickly pink popularity contest when I was a kid, not when it was a chance for my shitty boyfriends to let me down spectacularly in my twenties, and not even today where I am a lovey-dovey newlywed living out my own best romance story. (Oh sure, it’s full of vampires.)
I’m married to a comedian so Valentine’s Day is usually a work day for him. That’s fine, I’m happy when comedians get to make money, so I have begun to develop a grudging respect for Valentine’s. On that one day a year people are pretty much guaranteed to leave the comfort of their couches and their netflix binges, and park their pretty asses in comedy club seats.

It’s really one of the most perfect times to go see a comedy show, the club will be full and you can laugh about the stupid, disgusting, hilarious, and exhilarating stuff that love will make you do.

Going to a comedy show on Valentine’s day is, in my very biased opinion, the best thing you can do. Here are some more reasons:

Reason Number 247: A Valentine’s Day Comedy Show is better than going to a Restaurant

Going out for a fancy expensive dinner on Valentine’s day is a fight waiting to happen. All the restaurants are going to be jammed full of couples so you might have to wait for your table, which is even less fun when you’re decked out in heavy winter coats and whatnot. When you finally get your table, the service is probably going to be a bit slow. They can’t help it, the servers will all be unusually busy. Finally, don’t be surprised when they get something wrong on your overpriced order.

This is how much fun we had
Look at how much fun you could be having instead!

I don’t know about you, but this situation is a peak time for fighting between my comedy husband and I. He’ll be all, “There’s mushrooms in this!” and I’ll be all, “You are so damn picky, can’t we enjoy one meal together without your ruining it?” Or something like that. “aherm” Who knows what we’ll fight about.

Save your money! Go out to eat another day, the fancy restaurant will still be there, and literally any other night of the year you can expect the kind of top service that you are quite frankly paying for. What should you do instead? Go see a comedy show! Even couples who walk into a comedy show in a mood, will probably walk out of there smiling, that’s what these things are for.

Reason number 3: A comedy show can cure a couples fight

So you’ve done something stupid and gone to a restaurant, or you’ve found another reason to fight on Valentine’s day (there are many.) No problem! The comedy show has got you covered!

Ten times out of thirteen, the best way to end a stupid fight with your significant other is for you both to shut your damn mouths for a while and calm the heck down. Time simmering down cures all fights, after a few minutes of silence (more if it’s a big fight) you’ll both remember how to talk to one another like the grown-ass adults you are.  A comedy show generally runs for an hour and a half. That’s ninety minutes that you don’t have to talk to each other, or even think about the fight. You can just laugh and relax, and drink wine, or beer, or whatever.

Later, when you’re done laughing, maybe you won’t even want to fight anymore? Who knows? Comedy shows can cure anything.

Reason E : avoid ruining your diet by going to a comedy show on Valentine’s day.

Wasn’t it just resolutions time? If by some miracle you are still hanging on to your good intentions, you’re not going to like Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday built on chocolate, candies, and fancy dinners. I like all those things, sure, but then I’m going to have to go to the gym later this week, and I have a standing date with my vampire shows.

A comedy show is something you can do where the fun is not contingent on enjoying tempting, tasty, over-indulgent food. Laughs are low-calorie (but high-fat, that’s what we’re after now right? Butter in our coffees, coconut oil in our laughs?)

Phantom Party
There’s a man in that cake!

Reason Number 7: Comedy Shows on Valentine’s Day are great for single people too!

Don’t have a significant other? No problem! Going almost anywhere out of your house can be nearly insufferable on Valentine’s Day, but going to a comedy show is still fun even if you are single. Why? While this blog is curated by women who are in successful, lasting relationships with comedians, we do realize how few of us there actually are. That is part of the joke of the name right?

What I’m trying to say is that there is never any shortage of single, bitter, hilarious comedians to make you laugh, and to poke a bit of fun at the smug couples in the room. You’ll love it.

party anima

Wait, what if I’m also a comedy wife?

For comedy wives, Valentine’s day will likely be a work day for your comedy husband. But don’t fret, that does not mean that there is no fun in it for you! Is there another comedy wife on the show with your husband? Why not see if she wants to come get drunk in the green room with you. (Or actually watch the show? Catherine? Yeah sure, that’s definitely what we’re going to do.)

If not, stay home and watch your shows, buy yourself chocolates on February 15th, and go out to dinner any other night of the year.

So where should we go this year?

I’m glad you asked! Remember when the Comedy Works Closed and we were sad? Well it has just re-opened under new management, complete with a gorgeous renovation and cheaper drink prices! You want to go there! (trust me)

comedy works

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