to valentine or not to valentine

People generally agree that Valentine’s Day is a holiday made up to sell chocolates, flowers, cards and jewellery just as stores are beginning to suffer from low sales following all the pre/post/mid Xmas season sales. It is known. 

Yet people everywhere seem to let themselves get caught up in the Valentine’s wave. There are so many different ways to celebrate this holiday. And those who choose not to celebrate do so quite deliberately, to the point where the lack of celebration is almost a celebration in itself.

All this is fine by me. If you want to go to a fancy restaurant with your beau or feed eachother strawberries dipped in chocolate while sipping champagne, do it. If you want to dress in shades of pink and red, hike up your skirt, don a pair of stilettos and take to the dancefloor with all your single lady friends, do it. If you want to demonstrate your disapproval of the forced romanticism by eating chicken wings and watching action movies in which there are more explosions than cohesive sentences that contain more than 3 words, do it. 

The one thing I object to your doing is ranting and raving about the commercialism of Valentine’s Day and then going out and buying Anti-Valentine’s Day gifts for all your loved ones. 

You’re probably thinking “that’s not a thing, people don’t buy Anti-Valentine’s gifts, that would be ridiculous.” You are wrong. Type “Anti-Valentine’s Day gift” into your search engine and you will find a flood of non-romantic gift ideas for this non-holiday. Some sites list the exact same gift ideas they would suggest you get your significant other as a romantic gesture, only they are assuming the gifts are for your single friends: bath products, fancy teas, chocolate (but in the shape of a man!) Some recommend the kinds of books one would read after a bad breakup. And many of them list cards and tshirts bearing anti-valentine’s slogans and chalky candy hearts bearing anti-love messages.

I just don’t get the allure.

If you are going to insist on celebrating Anti-Valentine’s Day with gifts, at least have the decency to DIY. I recommend adapting our Cameo Cookies by adding a little red icing gel, turning the lovely cameo ladies into zombies. Nothing says “I am opposed to Valentine’s day” like zombies.

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