Cat Raz’ Guide to Wedding Weightloss – Part 2

The Holidays are upon us. And even for the dedicated of fitness enthusiasts, keeping the weight down at this time of year can be filled with obstacles. Baked treats are everywhere. The Comedy Wives recipe for Candy Cane Fudge has found its way into your life. And people everywhere are busting out their elastic waist pants in preparation for a series of massive festive meals. If you want to stay on the road to fitting into the wedding dress of your dreams, you are going to need a little help. Which brings us to rule #2.

Rule #2: Build yourself a support system

The most crucial thing you need to do is develop a weight-loss support system. Get yourself a buddy or 2 or 16 who are in the same boat and lean on each other. The basic idea is as such. When you want to stuff 12 oreos in your mouth but you know its a bad idea, you call, email or text your weight-loss buddy so they can talk you off the ledge. If you just aren’t feeling up to going to your Zumba class because you have terrible cramps, your buddy will yell at you boot camp style to get your butt wiggling to those exotic beats. Or if your buddy is more mild mannered he/she will explain to you calmly that it is a proven fact that exercise is the best cure for lady cramps and you will feel like a million bucks after a workout. When you’re happy that you’ve lost 5 lbs, your buddy will be happy for you. When you’re sad that you’ve gained 5 lbs, your buddy will help you figure out what went wrong and motivate you to get back on track. Lets face it, we all occasionally need someone to remind us that letting out a wedding dress is a lot harder (and more expensive) than having it taken in.

You may require more than just one dedicated wedding weight-loss buddy. You probably want to create a whole system of support. Get all the closest people in your daily life to back you up. Have your fiancé join you in eating healthier meals and smaller portions in support of your goal (and then he can binge eat when you’re not around). Its also good to have a workout buddy, or 2, or 3. Someone who will go to hot yoga with you regularly, so that when you are tempted to bail at the last minute, you won’t just be bailing on yourself but also on your friend.

Now that the holidays are upon us, that buddy system is more important than ever. It would be a terrible shame to end up with the head of an angel and the body of Santa Claus once your wedding day rolls around.

Motivational music for rule #2:

Bonus tips! 

  • Get rid of temptingly delicious snack foods from your house. Come on. If they’re there, you will eat them.
  • Cut down on booze. There are A LOT of calories in alcohol. Its shocking. Use extreme moderation.

Next: Lets talk calories.

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Here at the Comedy Wives we think everyone is perfect just the way they are. We are also completely supportive of anyone trying to get in shape, get a shape, or lose weight. If you do want to lose weight, Cat Raz’s guide to Wedding Weight loss is perfect for you! A no-nonsense, encouraging, and reasonable guide that is useful even if you do not happen to be getting ready to marry the comedian of your dreams.

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