I am a woman. And I love professional wrestling.

It didn’t happen overnight. It started with a desire to understand my fiancé’s love of pro-wrestling. He spoke with such enthusiasm about his spandex-ed heros. He giggled with child-like glee as he watched them roll around in the ring. And I didn’t get it. The allure of pro-wrestling was a mystery to me.

So I began asking questions. Who’s that guy? What’s his deal? Is he a good guy or a bad guy? And I quickly learnt that a wrestler’s “deal” is called a “gimmick”, the good guys are called faces and the bad guys are called heels. KNOWLEDGE! And so I asked more and more questions in order to quench my thirst for knowledge. Turns out, the more I knew, the more I wanted to know.

When my fiance acquired tickets to Wrestlemania 29 (which took place last April in New Jersey), we adjusted our cable package so that he could stay up to date on the wrestling storylines by watching Monday Night Raw. And because my fiancé is a stand-up comedian who is out making people laugh in comedy clubs most weeknights, these precious Monday nights at home were ones I wanted to share with him. So I began watching wrestling on a regular basis.

In no time, I had chosen my favourite wresters, both male and female. Of the men, I found myself smitten with a shaggy-hair individual with a big ol’ beard who reminded me a tiny bit of my fiance. His name was Daniel Bryan.

Of the women, my fave was a wrestler known only as Kaitlyn. She is no longer even in my top 5 favourite female wrestlers. But she pulled me in with her giant muscles and super girly hair. People often find something off-putting about really buff women. They seem to think that muscular arms can only be attractive on men. But Kaitlyn defied this notion by being both crazy muscular and super pretty. Strong AND beautiful. A deadly combination.

I have always had a fondness for contact sports. Growing up, I was a hockey player. And in my 20s, I became a roller derby girl. For a long time, roller derby was my entire life. After 3 major concussions and a strong (arm-twisting) recommendation from my doctor, I was forced to retire from roller-derby and all contact sports. Here is a picture of me immediately after the most devastating concussion I ever received:

Photo by Nicholas CharestPhoto by Nicholas Charest

Ubeknownst to me, somewhere along the road, my desire to understand wrestling had turned into genuine love. It had filled the void in my heart that had been left empty after I had to abandon my beloved roller derby. Continuing on as a fan of roller derby once I was no longer able to take part in the sport was just too painful. But there was nothing painful about watching wrestling. Going from a love of roller derby to a love of pro-wrestling actually makes a ton of sense. Both combine skill and athletic prowess with sensationalist entertainment.

Now, I watch wrestling even when my fiance is not home. I can name certain moves. I can do impersonations of various wrestlers. I regularly attend local indie wrestling shows. Walter and I even dressed up for Halloween as famous wrestling couple of the 80s: Randy “Macho Man” Savage and the Lovely Miss Elizabeth. And I have already purchased my tickets for Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans this coming April. BRING IT ON!

wrestling couple

Its official. Wrestling is worth loving. You heard it here first.

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