Monthly Archives: August 2007

Random draft from the summer

So on the road with the comedian. OK, on the road for him, visiting home for me. It’s a great arrangement, he gets to do his comedy and I get to visit my family and explain to people why he’s not around. This time we went to Vancouver which turned out to be a good idea since all the ultra healthy, veggie, lean cuisine all oat and no fun food crap is helping flush all the meat we ate in Calgary out of our already overtaxed systems. We also went to a nude beach where we were the fattest, whitest naked people for miles around. It was great, later when we had to climb the immense stairs that take us back to reality we were overtaken by Vancouver hipsters. Skinny jeans rolled up to the knees, racing up that cliff. This would not have happened in Montreal. It’s funny how different the Canadian cities are, how can so many people behave so similarly just because they live close to each other? I’m slightly frightened at all times in Vancouver, this hippie dippie crap makes me extremely uncomfortable. However, I do plan to stock up on the all-natural recycled-paper-wrapped expensive food crap I can’t get in Montreal while I’m here.