Monthly Archives: November 2007


For Halloween my boyfriend did his comedy thing in drag. It was an all-woman show and since it was Halloween weekend it seemed to make sense. I went to the first night expecting fireworks. It was interesting. He is a big enough man to make for a rather large woman and when she went on a shiver of surprise and half-concealed disgust went through the crowd. They hated her, they may have been uncomfortable with the obvious cross dressing, I don’t know, maybe it was my makeup job.

I waited for Mike to show them what for, to ram some comedy down their throats until they couldn’t do anything but gasp with laughter. (The usual run of things when he hosts.) Instead Michelle waved her hand about and rattled out some jokes, following them with some breezy laughter that wasn’t joined by the audience. Without his usual virile, masculine semi-erection pointing out behind the comedy, things seemed shapeless. Also half his jokes were impossible to use from a feminine perspective. It was a strange feeling for me, I didn’t realize how misogynistic my boyfriend was until I saw him doing comedy in drag.

Don’t get me wrong, Michelle was freaking hilarious. It was partly because the crowd wasn’t ready and the fact that she wasn’t fully formed yet that the first night fell flat. Subsequent nights Michelle really shone, had em eating out of her manicured hands. But there was this interesting first evening, where Michelle was trying to come into herself and where I felt like my boyfriend was an asshole.

I had never noticed what a dick he was on stage, really. To me he was just this cute cuddly bear that sometimes said horrible things. But watching Michelle flounder, watching Mike try to seek a feminine identity and almost fail, I couldn’t help but feel just a tiny bit taken aback. Of course it was only for a little while, I went back to loving him by the end of the show and by the end of the run I was such a fan of Michelle that I was almost depressed when she had to change back into Mike.

I wasn’t the only one with that sentiment, one of comedians on the show with Michelle refused to acknowledge Mike after he took off the wig and makeup. She said she felt she and Michelle had bonded, and now Mike had just heartlessly killed this wonderful woman. It was sad, and funny. One moves on.