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Are you Rainy Day People?

When do you call?

a. You always seem to know when it’s time to call.

b. You never call at the right time, your friends always seem to be having dinner.

c. You mostly text.

d. Who knows? You’re as unpredictable as the weather.  

When you do call, do you..

a. not talk, just listen until you’ve heard it all

b. state the reason for your call, make a definite plan and then get off the phone relatively quickly.

c. Talk a person’s ear off about your own problems. (Don’t you know it might be a rainy day where they are too?)

d. Say: Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

Do you mind if I cry a tear or two?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Can we not do this today?

Do you..

a. hide love inside

b. Pass it on

c. Lie when you tell me, that you’ve been down there too.

Why Cooking Vegetarian is Awesome and Why Cooking Vegetarian is Awful

I am not a vegetarian, but I live with one. As a result, I only cook vegetarian at home. If you think about it a minute it should be clear as to why that makes the most sense. Among other things, we both stay healthy, vegetables are delicious, and raw meat is no fun to handle and cook. Occasionally I indulge myself in a burger or something meaty when we’re out, not every time.
I have noticed that when we are out with friends and I order meat I tend to receive congratulations, as though I have done something exemplary by being normal and not some kooky vegetarian like my boyfriend. Some of our closest friends derive genuine joy out of watching me eat meat, as though my taking part in this normal behavior somehow makes Mike’s deviant hippie behavior more acceptable.
Whatever, point being I am vegetarian in my kitchen.

Cooking vegetarian is in equal parts awesome and awful. Here I will illustrate this complexity with a vegan recipe. In this post I follow a recipe from the weighty tome The Vegonomicon, an excellent recipe book and a fun read. These girls are awesome. I’m making Broccoli Millet Croquettes, which I will pair with the White Bean Aioli recipe. Both are from the book, both yum.

Why Cooking Vegetarian is Awesome: Millet

I get to experiment with all kinds of grains and fun stuff. I mean, how cool is millet? I find these light-as-air little food beads to be simply delightful!