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Montreal Comedy Year in Review 2013: Stand Up Tuesdays

Technically the show had already been going for a while under a different name, 5 Dollar Tuesdays, but 2013 was the year that Mike and his cute girlfriend Monika started their own Tuesday night show together at the Comedy Works.

Tuesdays at the Comedy Works have not been the same since, you never know what’s going to happen, when you walk in you might see a knot of big speakers on stage so that Mike’s heavy metal band Iron Ladel can perform a few songs, there might be a big plate of pretzels and sauerkraut for an Oktoberfest show, or in the back corner you might find a large cake-like object hiding a small man, waiting patiently to attack local indie wrestler The Green Phantom for his birthday show. Continue reading

Our take on the “Love Actually” debate

It turns out this is a thing! Here I was thinking that “Love Actually” was one of those terrible movies that are fun to hate-watch when you’ve got nothing better to do on the Wednesday before Christmas, but actually a lot of people love this movie. And some of those people are, in fact, my friends. Rather than argue the merits of multiple story lines, or the range of Hugh Grant’s acting abilities, The Comedy Wives have decided to settle the matter: we herein give our opinions on whether we love or hate “Love Actually”, which will then become true and irrevocable fact. We will present compelling arguments for and against, and then we’ll leave the final verdict up to you.

Ready? Continue reading

The Top 10 Highlights from BATTLEWAR 15

After a full day of Comedy Wives brunch and fireman party,  Cat Raz and I and Cat Raz’s comedy fiancé went to see a pro wrestling show. Not just any pro wrestling show, but a local Montreal indie pro wrestling Christmas special put on by a syndicate called BATTLEWAR that let my comedy fiancé manage wrestlers occasionally.  I don’t always like wrestling, but when I do it’s live. I love supporting the local scene, but indie wrestling shows are especially amazing. It’s the energy of the fans, it’s the passion of the wrestlers, it’s the bloody carnage of it all, or it’s Cat Raz sitting next to me offering hilarious commentary. Continue reading

A ComedyWives Field Trip – with bonus neck muscles


It started with brunch, and it ended with a guy being suplexed head-first into a bed of tacks. But first, brunch. The first wives meeting, I made pancakes, potatoes and lots of bacon, plus of course veggie sausages for the veggies. I opened a bottle of engagement champagne to toast the launching of the comedy wives blog and it was glorious.

But wait, the brunch part was mostly a real first meeting of the original comedy wives, Dinah, Sarah, Catherine and I, but it was also in part a handy way to get Dinah out of the house for her surprise party! Being the wife of a terribly thoughtful comedy husband, Dinah was completely clueless of the love and celebration that was about to rain down on her upon returning home. Of course first I had to kick her out of my house. Continue reading