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The Upside of Downward Dog, or A Pregnant Pause

As a woman who recently had a baby, the past year was full of completely new experiences, some great, some not so much. One of the most wonderful things about pregnancy, though, was prenatal yoga. I have been practicing yoga for years, and wasn’t about to stop for 9 months just because I happened to be gestating a (potential) human being.

The yoga studio I frequent is located in a busy, hipster-y part of town so the classes are typically jammed-packed. Like mat-to-mat, staggering your standing postures packed. Oh, and its hot yoga. So you basically spend 1 ½ hours sweating next to strangers. As horrific as that sounds, its actually pretty great. So when I found out I was expecting, I was sad to have to hang up my mat (since hot yoga and preggos do not mix) or find a new studio.

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Let’s go back in time with aspic!

Ranked pretty high on any list of worst foods we no longer eat is aspic, a pretty dish wherein meat is molded in a meat-flavored gelatin and served up in a wobbly block or round.


saladThis is actually a salmon salad where the vegetables just happen to be immobilized inside a flavored jelly. Now that’s what I’m talking about! This is a salad! Not a kale leaf or pomegranate seed in sight! It’s too bad it looks completely inedible. Continue reading

Date anyone you damn please.

Don’t date a girl who wears boots, one of these days those boots are gonna to walk all over you.

Have you noticed these articles lately? They’re called: “Date a girl who does this” or “Don’t date a girl who does that,” mainly written by women, about women. I am not a fan. I’m not even totally sure what bugs me about this trend so much. It might be because there is something limiting about labeling people as “girls who read” or “girls who travel” – and while we’re here, since when are we ‘girls?’ I mean, women, at least, if you’re going to bother dating someone, date a woman. Continue reading