Monthly Archives: June 2014

Goodbye Jimbo’s, thanks for all the shots

Late on my very first night in Montreal, I poured myself into a dark pub called Jimbo’s. After enjoying a good strong drink at the window, nature called. For the first time in what would turn out to be thousands more, I stumbled up a set of rickety stairs to the bathroom. At the top of the steps, what should I see, through a small window in a brown door, but a real live comedy show happening at that very moment!

I saw a funny-looking dude, framed by a lonely yellow spotlight in front of a classic (fake) brick wall, and a whole audience I never would have imagined were all just upstairs this whole time, laughing their fool heads off! It was like the grown-up version of the Secret Garden, a random magic room appearing at the end of an unremarkable set of stairs, just for me. I knew then that despite the huge fight I had had with my best friend that night, and how completely lost I was at that very moment, this city would be just fine, and that I would come back to the comedy works. Continue reading

The Game

In every circle of friends there is a game that is so wrapped up in the habits and rhythms of the group that it doesn’t have a name. Perhaps you have tried to name it, but nothing would stick. You did not know that by doing so you would have tried to grasp something unsayable about the ties that hold your group together, that by naming it you would have had to pull the thing down to hard reality, where it would have ceased to be special.

This game is not one of those games. We just play it sometimes when we happen to be sitting around watching something together (Wrestlemania maybe, or hockey) and that thing has ended but we’re not quite ready to get up. It is very fun though and I’m going to tell you about it. Continue reading