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The making-of the Tiger Eagle

We had to wonder what the people in line behind us at Fabricville were thinking when we rang up eight meters of black velour, four meters of tiger-print fleece, and a pair of white feather boas. Were they asking themselves what we could possibly want with all these strange items? Could they be thinking that we were obviously getting ready to create a mystical creature that is half-cat and half-bird for a show that would start in, oh, nine hours? A last minute tiger eagle? Continue reading

Does Pizza Belong in Music?

Many years ago, Frank Zappa answered the age old question: “does humour belong in music?” with a resounding YES! The people agreed with him.  Recently, Macaulay Culkin set out to address the question “does pizza belong in music?”

Along with 4 other musicians, the man who was once the boy who dazzled our childhoods in Home Alone and Home Alone 2 has formed a The Velvet Underground parody/cover band aptly named The Pizza Underground. The band changes the lyrics of classic Velvet Underground and Lou Reed songs to be about pizza. Many people may find this ridiculous. Personally, I think it’s an amazing premise.

Continue reading

How to Get Ready for the Just For Laughs Festival, a Comedy Wives guide

One of the biggest and most exciting comedy festivals in the world is upon us. For comedy wives, comedy fans, comedy girlfriends, and local comedians, this is an exciting time of year. You may get the chance of being reduced to a quivering pile of goo when faced with your idols, several opportunities to be ignored by your friends, the possibility of ducking out of a party early only to realize that it is already well past sunrise, and finally, the pleasure of eating every meal from an overpriced but delicious food truck. This festival has something for everyone. Continue reading

How to Ride a Bike in a Summer Dress

I love short summer dresses, and I love summer cycling, but put these two things together and you’ve got a disaster! Riding a bike in a dress sometimes means doing that awkward jig where you’re constantly pulling down your skirt as far as it will go, all the while trying not to weave into traffic as you hide a peek at your underwear from curious perverts and randoms clutching their pearls.

Well, worry no more! Biking in a short dress or skirt will never the the same thanks to ladies bicycle shorts! (Not to be confused with actual bicycle shorts, which is a whole other thing.) Continue reading