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Vegetarian Cooking with Mike: The Recipes! Episode 1

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Roasted Fennel

Of all the questions people ask my comedy husband, one of the most frequent has got to be, “Mike Paterson, according to your stand up set, you are a vegetarian; how on earth do you maintain your svelte physique and keep in prime physical shape on such a ridiculous diet?” And usually his answer will run along the lines of, “Well madam, beer is not meat.”  Five weeks ago, we came up with a more complete answer, when we released the first episode of our new vegetarian cooking show: Vegetarian Cooking with Mike.  We wanted to offer people a glimpse of what goes into the making of the delicious vegetarian meals that we enjoy in our beautiful home: Continue reading

Wanda Reviews Outlander, Just the f***ing and the Chests

Episodes 1-3

This series begins in fine form, with our heroine being a tough hero and then swigging champagne straight out of the bottle. I know I’m going to like this show right away, but I do wonder, where did that champagne come from? Compared to either of the time periods in this series, I live in unchecked decadence, and yet even I don’t have a champagne bottle stored away in my larder for spontaneous world-changing celebrations. But sure, after a long and brutal war in some town that has likely already been eaten out of house and home by the soldiers and doctoring stations set up there, some random lady hands Claire a nearly full champagne bottle and then walks away. Fine, I will accept this for the sake of watching our hero chug it back and look tough, what with the blood on her face and the toughness.

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Backstage Bites

(Basically a cheese biscuit crossed with a jalapeno popper. )

This summer’s Just for Laughs festival was amazing! My comedy husband, Mike Paterson, got to host a typically gonzo show on the outdoor stage: Mike Paterson’s Playhouse. Complete with heavy metal comedy music, care of Iron Ladel, and featuring a ridiculous tiger eagle costume, it was basically everything we could have wanted from our summer. Continue reading