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The Comedy Wives  is a website about us and our friends, it’s about comedy, but it’s also about telling stories, making stuff, reading books, being healthy, and laughing at stuff. The comedy wives so far include the wives, fiancees, and girlfriends of comedians, one comedienne, one musician’s wife, and one comedy lover. I wouldn’t say that being comedy wives is an inherent part of of our identities, but it does sometimes inform our lives and lifestyles in interesting ways that we will be able to explore in this blog.

The long version:

The first time Monika and Dinah met was at a party at Sarah’s house way back in 2003. Rebecca Kohler was moving to Toronto and the attendees of that going away party read like a who’s-who of funny people hailing from Montreal, Derick Lengwenus, Massimo, Tim Rabnett, Mike Paterson, Ryan Wilner, Dan Guterman, and Rebecca Kohler.  Dinah was rocking platinum blond hair and a trucker hat emblazoned with the Never Surrender logo and some skin-tight clothes with hot-pink detailing. She was surrounded by giggling minions and appeared to be carefully bored with the whole thing. Dinah was not super interested in meeting Monika as Monika had not yet dated any comedians. “Yeah” she sighed, not without irony, “I’m the president and sole member of the Never Surrender Bikini Squad” Monika had no idea what that meant but it sounded hilarious.

Dinah and Monika have never been especially good at clubs, the Never Surrender Bikini Squad was too exclusive, they’re currently on their third attempt at a book club, and in 2007 when they created the first comedy wives club, all the other couples split up! We’re hoping that The Comedy Wives fares better.

Sarah and Monika met working at Nickels, Monika was carrying too many soups and Sarah was getting sick of dating musicians. Since Sarah introduced Monika to her comedian fiance and Monika was the lynchpin to Sarah meeting her musician husband, that 7 am breakfast shift was destined to change their lives forever. But they didn’t know that then, getting a kick out of always being late together and from being the angry Greek manager’s pets. They have been friends ever since New Years day 2004 and the ensuing Nickels knife fight, enjoying the numerous couples’ getaways and hilarious car rides of destiny.

Monika met Cat Raz in the somewhat legendary basement comedy show/ speakeasy style drink-up party hosted by Daren Henwood called the LowDown. It was there that they discovered a shared love of books, unofficial theme costumes (as in: we decide on a theme costume for an event that doesn’t require or ask for a theme outfit) and not watching comedy shows, they decided to become friends for life.

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