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Mike Paterson, world’s premier cat impressionist now on YouTube!


Things get weird in this video recently made for (Yes that Playboy, the magazine with no more nudes – not to be confused with never nudes.) Mike Paterson, cat impressionist par excellence, takes on the common house cat. Can you tell the difference between a common house cat and Mike Paterson? Watch the video and find out!

The Wolf Man of Laval

You meet all sorts of people when you are working as a waitress, while you are trying to get through that one more (or three more) years of University, (at which point you will obviously get  a way better paying job with all of your English degree.) Waitressing puts you in touch with weirdos you might not usually meet – as does being a comedy wife, but that came later. This is a story about one of those weirdos, and what could happen to you if you go to a party in Laval on a Saturday night.

It happened at a party in Laval on a Saturday night. Some time ago, in the awkward years before social media where you actually had to call someone to get directions to the place. It was one of those restaurant parties where it’s a Sunday night and nobody knows anyone real well and for the first ten minutes you wonder why you came all the way out to Laval for this, but then the booze starts rubbing its back against your veins and you get to meet the host’s wolf. Continue reading

The Top Ten Differences Between Hockey Wives and Comedy Wives

Hotly anticipated by those of us in the “wives” game, the W reality show Hockey Wives debuted its first season last week. I already love this show. Finally we have a reality television show that my husband and I can watch together. He gets to enjoy seeing hockey players in their regular life, and I get to enjoy hockey players with their shirts off. Everybody wins. I mean, can you think of a reality show that you are more likely to get your man-type partner to watch with you? My husband and I haven’t been so riveted at the same time since we happened to tune in to the first episode of Game of Thrones. Continue reading

Get in the Spirit of the Season with this Sacrificial Goat from Sweden

Every Christmas season the town of Gävle erects a massive Goat made of hay called Gävlebocken. They have parties and fireworks to celebrate its arrival. People come from around the world to visit the goat and enjoy the festive decorations in the square. Then every single year, the goat is burned to the ground by vandals in the night. Continue reading

World’s First Virtual Reality Press Conference a Hilarious Disaster

From 1pm to 1:10 pm yesterday afternoon three avatars tried inexpertly to communicate with one another in 4 D, several more wandered the hallways and lobbies of the Riftmax virtual theatre trying to find the right room for the press conference, and at least one became irate. In the real world, a collection of fans and bloggers watched two hapless dudes try to navigate two realities at once. The world’s first virtual reality press conference had begun.

Continue reading