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Eight or more things you need to know about Grass Fed.

I think it’s eight, I’m having trouble remembering right now for some reason.

1 – The Skype Doctor had a poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger hanging in his office.

To get the proper accreditation in order to use medical cannabis, Mike used Medical Marijuana Services and got hooked up with a doctor who was able to provide a prescription after a lengthy and thorough registration process and a web-cam consultation. That’s right folks, we live in the future.

Not only was the good doctor willing to prescribe – based on documentation from another doctor attesting to Mike’s condition – he was also willing to allow Grass Fed’s filmmaker Ezra to film part of the web-cam session.

Moments before shooting, Mike mentions how happy he is that the doctor has a poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger hanging behind his head. Of course after everybody noticed it, it had to be taken down, just to be on the safe side regarding copyright issues. But I still feel that the public has to know that it was there, and that a couple few medical cannabis patients got to stare at the soothing pecs of Mr. Universe-era Schwarzenegger, while seeking relief from their symptoms. Continue reading

Mike Paterson, world’s premier cat impressionist now on YouTube!


Things get weird in this video recently made for (Yes that Playboy, the magazine with no more nudes – not to be confused with never nudes.) Mike Paterson, cat impressionist par excellence, takes on the common house cat. Can you tell the difference between a common house cat and Mike Paterson? Watch the video and find out!

A woman goes walking in heels, you’ll never believe what happens next: Mindfulness

It’s spring in Montreal, is anybody still thinking about their New Year’s resolutions? Have we all given up and moved on by now? This year I had a great New Year’s Resolution: Be less of a klutz. I am the absolute worst, I stub my toes while walking, cut my fingers while cooking, I poke myself in the eye when I talk too animatedly, I even have a standing feud with my Brita filter. While I want it to provide me with lightly filtered water, it would rather constantly get knocked over by me, releasing torrent upon torrent of water onto my beautiful hardwood floors.

Being less of a klutz is probably a good idea, but just how does one go about this? I actually found my answer in a very unlikely place, turns out the blueprint to a better life was hiding on my social media feed the whole time. Through reading some helpful and repetitive lists, I discovered that the solution to my problem of being less of a klutz, and many other problems associated with our hectic modern lives, is practicing mindfulness.

These days the art of being non-judgementally present in the moment is touted everywhere from therapists offices, to yoga studios, to corporate jargon. There’s got to be something to it. Continue reading

The Top Ten Differences Between Hockey Wives and Comedy Wives

Hotly anticipated by those of us in the “wives” game, the W reality show Hockey Wives debuted its first season last week. I already love this show. Finally we have a reality television show that my husband and I can watch together. He gets to enjoy seeing hockey players in their regular life, and I get to enjoy hockey players with their shirts off. Everybody wins. I mean, can you think of a reality show that you are more likely to get your man-type partner to watch with you? My husband and I haven’t been so riveted at the same time since we happened to tune in to the first episode of Game of Thrones. Continue reading

Top unspecified number of reasons to see Comedy on Valentine’s Day

Reason number 1 : Valentine’s and Comedy Shows go together like Winter and Cuddling

I never really got Valentine’s day, not when it was a sickly pink popularity contest when I was a kid, not when it was a chance for my shitty boyfriends to let me down spectacularly in my twenties, and not even today where I am a lovey-dovey newlywed living out my own best romance story. (Oh sure, it’s full of vampires.)
I’m married to a comedian so Valentine’s Day is usually a work day for him. That’s fine, I’m happy when comedians get to make money, so I have begun to develop a grudging respect for Valentine’s. On that one day a year people are pretty much guaranteed to leave the comfort of their couches and their netflix binges, and park their pretty asses in comedy club seats.

It’s really one of the most perfect times to go see a comedy show, the club will be full and you can laugh about the stupid, disgusting, hilarious, and exhilarating stuff that love will make you do.

Going to a comedy show on Valentine’s day is, in my very biased opinion, the best thing you can do. Here are some more reasons: Continue reading