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A woman goes walking in heels, you’ll never believe what happens next: Mindfulness

It’s spring in Montreal, is anybody still thinking about their New Year’s resolutions? Have we all given up and moved on by now? This year I had a great New Year’s Resolution: Be less of a klutz. I am the absolute worst, I stub my toes while walking, cut my fingers while cooking, I poke myself in the eye when I talk too animatedly, I even have a standing feud with my Brita filter. While I want it to provide me with lightly filtered water, it would rather constantly get knocked over by me, releasing torrent upon torrent of water onto my beautiful hardwood floors.

Being less of a klutz is probably a good idea, but just how does one go about this? I actually found my answer in a very unlikely place, turns out the blueprint to a better life was hiding on my social media feed the whole time. Through reading some helpful and repetitive lists, I discovered that the solution to my problem of being less of a klutz, and many other problems associated with our hectic modern lives, is practicing mindfulness.

These days the art of being non-judgementally present in the moment is touted everywhere from therapists offices, to yoga studios, to corporate jargon. There’s got to be something to it. Continue reading

The making-of the Tiger Eagle

We had to wonder what the people in line behind us at Fabricville were thinking when we rang up eight meters of black velour, four meters of tiger-print fleece, and a pair of white feather boas. Were they asking themselves what we could possibly want with all these strange items? Could they be thinking that we were obviously getting ready to create a mystical creature that is half-cat and half-bird for a show that would start in, oh, nine hours? A last minute tiger eagle? Continue reading

How to Ride a Bike in a Summer Dress

I love short summer dresses, and I love summer cycling, but put these two things together and you’ve got a disaster! Riding a bike in a dress sometimes means doing that awkward jig where you’re constantly pulling down your skirt as far as it will go, all the while trying not to weave into traffic as you hide a peek at your underwear from curious perverts and randoms clutching their pearls.

Well, worry no more! Biking in a short dress or skirt will never the the same thanks to ladies bicycle shorts! (Not to be confused with actual bicycle shorts, which is a whole other thing.) Continue reading

The Game

In every circle of friends there is a game that is so wrapped up in the habits and rhythms of the group that it doesn’t have a name. Perhaps you have tried to name it, but nothing would stick. You did not know that by doing so you would have tried to grasp something unsayable about the ties that hold your group together, that by naming it you would have had to pull the thing down to hard reality, where it would have ceased to be special.

This game is not one of those games. We just play it sometimes when we happen to be sitting around watching something together (Wrestlemania maybe, or hockey) and that thing has ended but we’re not quite ready to get up. It is very fun though and I’m going to tell you about it. Continue reading

The Lost Just For Laughs Gags

Deep in the rubble that was once the Musée Juste Pour Rire, construction crews have uncovered a treasure trove for fans of JFL Gags. The discovery of several boxes of scripts describing gags that never made it on the television show has sparked interest from the prank show community. Questions are swirling around what has now become an archeological dig. How did these scripts get buried under the old Musée? Who is going to curate this collection of clown history? Who even cares?

To appease your curiosity, we have collected some of the best Just For Laughs Gags that never made it past the cutting room floor: Continue reading