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Game of Thrones: 6 things people who read the books want you to know

> If you’ve had your head in the sand all last week, then warning, spoilers abound<

It finally happened, Jon Snow is left bleeding on the snow and the show watchers have caught up to the book readers. Now we are all in the same creaky medieval boat, waiting for someone, anyone, be it novelist or show runners, to please just tell us the rest of the story. Continue reading

Where reading about vampires will get you

Sometimes on a blue summer night a girl standing on a garage roof in the Alberta prairies can have her wish come true. Did you ever, when you were, say, fourteen, wish for something so hard and then a star sparkles in the distance and you just know you’ve rearranged the universe with your earnest yearning? What I wanted was that vampires were real and that the vampire Lestat would come take me away. Would you believe that it happened?

Turns out vampires are real, and there are plenty of them in Montreal. They are otherwise known as comedians, outrageously dressed creatures of the night who take their life-force from hapless civilians. Watching from the fringes of society, they mock and mimic our ways. But do not fear, a comedian must always be be invited in.

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Longbourn Inspired Cameo Cookies Tutorial

Have you started to read Longbourn by Jo Baker yet? If not, you should, because it’s the official pick for the next meeting of The Comedy Wives Bookclub. (The unofficial pick is Dr. Sleep by Stephen King, which is also pretty good, but makes for a less adorable cookie).

Longbourn is a reimagining of Jane Austen’s beloved classic, Pride & Prejudice, from the perspective of the household servants. Having just reread P&P, and nearly halfway through this month’s selection, I was inspired to create these tasty cameo sugar cookies to serve over tea at the next meeting. Continue reading

Caught on Tape

It is a common relationship problem to be caught fighting with your partner in a place where you shouldn’t, it is a uniquely comedy wife problem to be caught fighting with your partner on a podcast.

I was having one of those weeks. I affectionately like to call this particular time “Don’t poke the bear week.” It’s no big deal, I can do anything from horseback riding to aerial gymnastics, but I’m more likely to be on the couch eating chocolate. And I can certainly contain the rage bubbling just under the surface of my pleasant demeanor, but be warned that it is wise to avoid poking the bear.

don’t poke the angry vulture

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Are we all reading Longbourn yet? The current Comedy Wives book club book, Longbourn, by Jo Baker is based on the events detailed in our beloved Pride and Prejudice. (Yes, that is where you know that name from!) The story is told this time from the perspective of ‘downstairs’, the long suffering staff of the Bennet’s entailed-away-to- cousin-Collins home.

I will not be talking about Longbourn yet, because I want to give ‘yall a chance to read it. Today I’m going to talk about something that has really captured my imagination lately: indoor plumbing. Continue reading