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Peeing on a Stick

Somehow, I made it to the age of 30 before ever having taken a pregnancy test. I’d like to claim that I’ve always been extremely responsible about my sexual activities and that my period has always appeared right on schedule and so I never had any reason to suspect pregnancy. This was not the case. For many years, I became instantly convinced I was preggers pretty much every time I got busy with a member of the opposite sex, regardless of how safe we played it. Many neurotic days were spent waiting for my period to arrive. It always eventually did.

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Date anyone you damn please.

Don’t date a girl who wears boots, one of these days those boots are gonna to walk all over you.

Have you noticed these articles lately? They’re called: “Date a girl who does this” or “Don’t date a girl who does that,” mainly written by women, about women. I am not a fan. I’m not even totally sure what bugs me about this trend so much. It might be because there is something limiting about labeling people as “girls who read” or “girls who travel” – and while we’re here, since when are we ‘girls?’ I mean, women, at least, if you’re going to bother dating someone, date a woman. Continue reading

We are Worriers

“Coming as I do from a long line of worriers, I have some experience with stress and anxiety.” I was saying. Bellying up to the bar late New Years Eve, a misunderstanding made me realize that only a sound’s breadth stands between worriers and warriors.

“Have you ever seen that movie? Warriors?” Asked the gentleman a few seats down, obviously not listening to me but happy to have a chance to talk again, excitedly “It’s really good! I can lend the video to you if you want, I can bring it here for you to pick up, as long as you promise to give it back when you’re done…”

And I thought, how quaint, this attachment to the old media, when anything worth watching or reading is just a click or a button away from the comfort of my own couch.

But also how close those two words are, worriers and warriors. Continue reading