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Cowboy Graveyard

There once was a time when I lived on a mountain.  I rode along its flanks, I partied sinfully at its feet, and I nearly lost the plot in its shadow and stayed forever. I didn’t, because one spring day I fell off the mountain and broke myself. It wasn’t long after that that I had to pick up the pieces of me and move on. Now I live half a world away and treasure those times when I get to come back and visit. Continue reading

Longbourn Inspired Cameo Cookies Tutorial

Have you started to read Longbourn by Jo Baker yet? If not, you should, because it’s the official pick for the next meeting of The Comedy Wives Bookclub. (The unofficial pick is Dr. Sleep by Stephen King, which is also pretty good, but makes for a less adorable cookie).

Longbourn is a reimagining of Jane Austen’s beloved classic, Pride & Prejudice, from the perspective of the household servants. Having just reread P&P, and nearly halfway through this month’s selection, I was inspired to create these tasty cameo sugar cookies to serve over tea at the next meeting. Continue reading

DIY: Stuffed Habs Boyfriend

Need a last minute gift for the hockey fan in your life? Or maybe you’re just learning to sew and need a simple project? Why not try your hand at this Habs Doll/Pillow Thing tutorial?

I’m not really sure what to call these things. They’re like dolls in the sense that they have a face, but without any of the hard work involved in making and attaching limbs. Whatever you want to call them, my kids love theirs and they look super cute sitting around on the sofa. Continue reading