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Women, Comedy, Idiots.

Local Comedian Jeff Schouella tells Gazette reporter “I never want to get laid in this town again!”

But there are still men who don’t side with Praw on the matter. Montreal standup comic Jeff Schouela says humour is an innately male trait since they have a trial and error relationship with it.
“Guys use more comedy in situations in their life just to get by. If you’re funny as a teenager, it helps you network,” he said. “I think women can be funny, but when it comes to standup comedy, to me, men are much funnier, hands down.”

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Putting the (VE)S in Comedy Wives

When Monika first proposed that we join forces to create the world’s most awesome blog, I was elated. We were several hours into the gin-and-tonic tornado known as “girls night”, and we were pretty confident we had just uncovered some hidden, and deeply meaningful, message in the latest episode of Girls. This, of course, was the much discussed “42 year-old doctor” episode. But, while everyone else was busy questioning the likelihood of such an encounter, or the appropriateness of a midriff-baring, silk romper, we were much more concerned with the absence of Hannah’s purse. (No purse? Really? You’re just walking around for 2 days with nowhere to keep your keys or lip gloss? Bull-shizzz!) We were convinced that there was no way that a mind as great as Lena Dunham’s would make such a glaring omission accidentally. Surely, somewhere, buried in the mystery of the missing purse was some terrific insight into the feminist cause. And if we could only find it… well, shit, that would make one hell of a blog post.

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Why We Don’t Do This Anymore

Saturday night, yes, was ridiculous. Dinah and I had no business being out late at night with a heart-sore single girl. Following her through the shuffling deck of bars, one shabbier, more uncomfortable, and therefore inversely cooler than the last.  This is what one does in the Mile End. I used to despise this irritating exercise when I followed Red through that hazy maze five years ago. I remember one night being so irritated because we had been to about six bars and I had managed to consume maybe one drink combined through all of them, and these places were not close together. Just endlessly trudging through miles of Mile End, in search of some sort of experience that was never quite good enough for stuck up scenesters.
How hard is it to impress hipsters? Running from bar full of good looking people to bar full of good-looking people like we are trying to find Shangri-la, hoping that one perfect combination of hand stamps will finally offer us ingress.

Dear Comic,

If you’re going to reveal a spoiler to the freaking Vampire Diaries, of which I have not seen the most recent season, and then tell me about a new joke you’re working on, I am going to shit all over your new joke. That is just the way things are. And when you’re writing about time travel, watch out for paradoxes. GAWD.

DeLorean Car