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Wanda Reviews Outlander, Just the f***ing and the Chests

Episodes 1-3

This series begins in fine form, with our heroine being a tough hero and then swigging champagne straight out of the bottle. I know I’m going to like this show right away, but I do wonder, where did that champagne come from? Compared to either of the time periods in this series, I live in unchecked decadence, and yet even I don’t have a champagne bottle stored away in my larder for spontaneous world-changing celebrations. But sure, after a long and brutal war in some town that has likely already been eaten out of house and home by the soldiers and doctoring stations set up there, some random lady hands Claire a nearly full champagne bottle and then walks away. Fine, I will accept this for the sake of watching our hero chug it back and look tough, what with the blood on her face and the toughness.

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Another Last Cigarette

I’ve been quit for years. Just occasionally I miss the motions – not the ritual, the oral – breathing in that sweet fug, anticipating the satisfaction that courses with the blood to the very tips of your fingers. Those ones holding the cigarette to your grasping lips.

It was after the bar had closed, that tricky hour where lawlessness abides. One of those times when management locks the doors and shuts out the night, secret ashtrays appearing suddenly from secret cubbies and packs getting slapped resolutely on the top of the bar where, after all, they belong. Continue reading