Eight or more things you need to know about Grass Fed.

I think it’s eight, I’m having trouble remembering right now for some reason.

1 – The Skype Doctor had a poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger hanging in his office.

To get the proper accreditation in order to use medical cannabis, Mike used Medical Marijuana Services and got hooked up with a doctor who was able to provide a prescription after a lengthy and thorough registration process and a web-cam consultation. That’s right folks, we live in the future.

Not only was the good doctor willing to prescribe – based on documentation from another doctor attesting to Mike’s condition – he was also willing to allow Grass Fed’s filmmaker Ezra to film part of the web-cam session.

Moments before shooting, Mike mentions how happy he is that the doctor has a poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger hanging behind his head. Of course after everybody noticed it, it had to be taken down, just to be on the safe side regarding copyright issues. But I still feel that the public has to know that it was there, and that a couple few medical cannabis patients got to stare at the soothing pecs of Mr. Universe-era Schwarzenegger, while seeking relief from their symptoms.

2 – Medical Marijuana Services cost $420 for Quebec residents.
I’m not even kidding, that is a hilarious price point. Good news! MMS just announced that they are going to offer their services for free starting very soon! There are also some clinics opening more recently, like Santé Cannabis, the Cannabis clinic on Amherst St. in Montreal, that offer similar services. 

Lars is a star of this movie too
Lars is a star of this movie too

3 – As dorky as it will make you feel, the official term is Cannabis, not Marijuana.

If you want, you can still use one of the plethora of words for the drug, Mary Jane, weed, smoke, grass, dope, pot, green, ganja, herb, puffer, blowhard, wobblesmoke, anxious wizard, etc. (those last ones I just made-up) However, as Mike found out on his edibles road trip with Ezra, the word Marijuana has roots as a pejorative term linked to early 1900 Mexican migrants using the plant, prohibition, etc. I don’t know, I’m no expert, but basically it’s not necessarily the best word to use. Think about that every time you see well-meaning TV anchors choke out the term ‘medical marijuana’ while trying to sound educated on the issue. (Bonus points if you hear them mess up and accidentally say ‘magical marijuana.’ )


4 – Here is everything I have learned about cannabis

There are two kinds of herb, and they have names: Indica and Sativa.

Indica is more of a relax on the couch buzz, more of a night-time smoke.

Sativa strains give more active and upbeat effects. This is what you reach for when you want to clean the house.

All weeds are a combination of these two. The Tweed website (where Mike gets his medicine from) has a breakdown of what is in each of their leafs. If you are not ordering from Canada’s excellent medical cannabis infrastructure, (thank you Stephen Harper) but you still want to find out more about the strains, including anecdotal evidence and common effects of each variety, visit the Leafly website. They’ve got all the info you could want, plus cool designs to illustrate things like smell. 

There are other things in weed, including cannabinoids such as CBD that are good for certain ailments. CBD, a cannabinoid molecule that doesn’t get you high, is some magic wizardry that I don’t understand but there are people out there trying to figure out how it can help ailments like cancer and seizures. These people are heroes.

Learning about strains

5 – Drowsiness, anxiety, paranoia, sleep disruption, short-term memory loss, and the munchies. You can and will get all of these side-effects and more.

There are side-effects and they are very common to users, even likely.  For some people it’s worth it, for others it’s not. We can all agree that children and teenagers should stay away from it. We can also all agree that sometimes this stuff makes you paranoid, tired, grumpy, dreamy, happy, sleepy, hungry and dopey. There is one strain of Tweed weed that even (allegedly) makes you feel sexy. Tweed calls it sixty-three, but we call it sixty-nine (ahem, it totally works.)

Tweed helpfully renames all their weeds so that the civilized people who use the stuff don’t have to ask for ‘skunk-blaster four-twenty’ or whatever stupid street name is attached to the strain.

Mike @ Tweed. (The hardhat was not mandatory)

6- This movie is about grown-ass adults, for grown-ass adults.

Mike and I strongly agree with the current theory that young people should wait until they are out of their teens to try this stuff, if they’re going to try it, brains growing and all that. Not really my area of expertise. Mike was lucky enough to get some good advice from his drama teacher when he was a teenager. The man told him to wait to try the grass until he was eighteen, because his brain was still developing and it would just be better for him in the long term if he waited. Mike has always been thankful for taking his advice. Our benevolent director, Ezra Soiferman, tells me that many experts believe people should wait until they are 25, when the brain stops fully developing. Wait what? That’s crazy! Well, there you have it.

This guy!

(Experts believe.  But answer me this, if you haven’t tried wobblesmoke by the time you’re 25, are you really going to? And to all the adults out there who did not wait until they’re 25 to try it, I’m sure we’re fine guys.)

This documentary is very much about the adult experience with cannabis. There’s a lot out there about college-age stoners and weed. I feel like the culture has that covered.  Medical cannabis is not usually something you deal with in college. Often people are a bit older when they get sick, and how do you go about starting a weed habit as an adult? For many the answer is edible happy brownies. One of the things we were trying to do in this movie – and I think Ezra would agree here, because it really is his vision – is to follow an adult getting into weed culture. (as gonzo as that adult may be…)

I’d like to say that I really hope this film helps people who are looking into trying medical cannabis feel more normal about it. It can be hard when the only people who seem to be smoking weed are Seth Rogan’s friends. (Although that Xmas movie was pretty epic.)

7 – That wasn’t my veggie loaf, that was a disgusting aspic I made for this blog!

There’s a part in the film where Mike is talking about how I made a delicious veggie loaf for our Xmas dinner, and the photo that flashes on the screen to illustrate ‘veggie loaf’ was instead the most disgusting food article ever invented in a 50s fever dream. I’m talking of course about the aspic. The story behind this aspic is that I made it for a Tupperware party, just so we could fully feel like we were going back in time.  I then recorded the utter, disgusting failure for this very blog. It was so gross only one person at the party other than me even tried it.

aspic fail
Food blob must assimilate with human.

Somehow a photo of the infamous aspic has been immortalized in this movie as an example of my cooking and I would like to set the record straight and say that I’m actually a great cook and I would never serve anybody aspic over the holidays.

(Full disclosure: I had a chance to replace that photo with a picture of an actual veggie loaf, but I was too lazy to bake a loaf, and also I find this whole thing hilarious.)

8 – “Why do you guys have so many photos of yourselves abusing food and alcohol?”
party time

Dinah asked us, when we watched the film together. I just get a huge kick out of this, though I probably shouldn’t. Mike and I just love food and drink. If we prepare a plate of nachos the size of a turkey, we’re going to take a picture of it. We consider drinking very large beers an achievement on par with running a marathon, so we’re likely to post a photo of that on social media. This is all normal.

You would think that watching a movie about a bit of a health scare, leading to eating better, exercising more, losing weight and generally becoming better, happier people, complete with a montage of all our bad food and drink decisions would make us feel different about this, but not really. We still love food and drink.

You have to understand, we’re rich. This is how the extremely well-off live, don’t you know? To be clear, we’re not exactly rich in money and things, I’m referring to friends and family. We’re so incredibly wealthy when it comes to amazing friends and family. Just so happens that something that pairs really well with great times together is good food and drink. So while we’re going to make better choices and work out more, well, we’re still us.

9 – I’m so incredibly thankful to all the friends and family who came to my wedding and agreed to be a part of this documentary. We’re so unbelievably lucky for the amazing people in our lives! I love you all! Thank you everyone!

wed maybe 7

Grass Fed airs across Canada on Tuesday, November 24th, 2015, at 9pm ET on the CBC’s documentary Channel. The film will be released online in Canada and the USA in early 2016.
To view the Grass Fed trailer, click here.
To visit and Like the film’s Facebook page for updates and background info on the film, click here.
For the recipe to my low-dose happy brownies click here.

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